Landscape Trends: Europe and Australia Provide Landscaping Inspiration

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Trends can be fleeting in nature, or timeless. At High Prairie Outdoors, we look to parts of Europe and Australia for inspiration because of the timeless nature of their landscape style. As you look into your outdoor area, do you feel like something is missing? Do you want to pull in elements from other parts of the world? If so, you may need some inspiration. Here you will find some of the latest trends offered from locations near and far.

European Inspiration

The styles between France, Italy, and England vary greatly. We’re big fans of the Chelsea Flower Show, and draw much of our inspiration there. Here are some of the latest trends to come out of Europe:

  • Dark fencing and structures: In Europe navy blue is extremely popular for fences. It offers a dramatic backdrop for your plant, trees and shrubs.
  • White Gardens: Those in “high-society” absolutely love the mono-tone look of all-white blooming plants. This also provides you with a stunning moon garden where the flowers can be seen at night.
  • Terraced spaces: This represents a true homage to the agricultural history of Europe. Gardens across Europe are terraced, and you can do the same in your space. This adds different levels with the various uses for each one.
  • Natural Stone: Many hardscape elements are constructed with natural stone. Consider using granite pavers, limestone, bluestone, or flagstone for your walls and patios.

Other European trends include trough planters full of annuals or edibles; moss or patina on landscape elements to give the impression of age; and tree grates and drains that feature intricate designs and scroll work.

Inspiration from Down Under

A surprising place that is inspiring landscape designs in Kansas City is Australia. Some of the most noteworthy trends include the use of straight, clean lines, hedges formed in architectural shapes; succulents in displays; the use of polished aluminum and Cor-Ten steel for walls, planters, and accents; square slabs and pavers; and plant palettes that are dominated by various shades of green.

Are You Ready to be Inspired?

The fact is, if you want to create a unique landscape design that represents your unique style while integrating some of the trends from abroad, then this information provides you a great jumping-off point. Take some time to visualize what you want to create in your landscape? Does the thought of water features and mono-tone plants sound appealing? If so, you will find inspiration from both Europe and Australia, among other regions.

Take the time to think about what you want. Once you have an idea for the space, contact the professionals. They can use technology and advanced tools to create a plan for your outdoor space. Once in place, you have the ability to enjoy your outdoor living area more than ever before. Also, many of these trends are extremely affordable to implement, which makes them even more appealing.

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