Landscape Lighting Trends for 2020

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Half the challenge of creating a wonderful garden is figuring out unique ways to make it shine 24 hours of the day. Why would you ever spend so much time, creativity, and effort to craft the lawn of your dreams only for people to see it in its full glory only half the day? Light up your hard work and your beautiful home even at night with the trendiest landscape lighting of 2020. They’ll give your home the modern curb appeal that it deserves even at night.

Adjust Your Lighting To Be Perfect With Subtle Coastal Source Bullet Lights

If you’re unsure about what kinds of lighting you want to light up your landscape, one of the safest investments you can make is to purchase some coastal source bullet lights. They’re stylish, easily concealed among flowers or bushes, and made flush in the ground and trees. Even better is that they’re adjustable so that even the choosiest of home garden designers will find something that pleases them.

It’s also very convenient that these lights feature adjustability from a spotlight to a wider scope, so you can decide whether or not you want a large part of your garden lit up or just a single feature spotlighted. This is great for homeowners looking to draw attention to a focal point in their garden but who know that that choice might change over the years. Coastal source also offers a fun tiki torch light. It doubles as a landscape path light and a functional tiki torch. Light the torch when having an informal outdoor event or keep it simple with the built in path-type light.

Another option is in-lights ace up-down light. This sleek and simple fixture works perfect for illuminating walls, posts, or really any vertical feature.The rectangular fixture is made to be mounted to the vertical surface and casts light both up and down to paint a beautiful hourglass shape. The simple look of the light makes it work for almost any style of outdoor living space you can imagine.

Carve A Path To Style

A popular trend in landscaping right now is having a paved path leading from your door to your driveway or from your back door into your backyard. Instead of treating these paths as ways from A to B, designers and homeowners should want to make them another feature in their landscaping.

To add to your landscape experience consider what kind of lighting will look best with your path. Maybe it’s an elegant lamp post style fixture, like the Cambridge LED that provides a soft glow over much of your path. Or, maybe it’s a low-to-the-ground path light to draw a person’s eye downwards towards the stones and the flower beds at their feet. Whatever you choose, both are modern elements that can greatly enhance the theme you’re aiming for with your design.

Step Up To A Design Challenge And Create An Ideal Social Space

The most genius landscaping designs happen in the areas where there seems like the least amount of creative wiggle room. Steps can sometimes feel like a boring and unavoidable part of your home’s yard that you feel at a loss at home to transform. Luckily, with step lights, you can turn that drab utility feature into something safe and stylish.

Recessed step lights are a great way to add a little brightness to steps, walls, and benches in a subtle and non-intrusive way. They quietly show people where to go without getting in the way, so they’re a perfect lighting solution for anyone who hosts outdoor get-togethers frequently.

Make Your Underwater Features Sparkle

Not only do ponds, fountains, birdbaths, and other underwater features look beautiful lit up at night, but they’re also safer when they are. The last thing you want is some adventurer who’s strayed from the path to fall in. Not only is that embarrassing, but it’s only funny if it doesn’t happen to you – and without water lights, it’s only a matter of time until it does.

Get yourself a water light that’s submersible in up to three feet of water. It’ll make your waterscapes look just as beautiful as your greenery at night and will give you a little comfort that nobody’s going to be taking an accidental midnight dip in the water.

Don’t Hit A Wall By Getting Up Lights

It can be a daunting task figuring out how to incorporate your house into your overall landscape design. Luckily, the right lighting helps a lot with creating a cohesive space that seamlessly blends between stone and green features.

Up-lights allow you to highlight areas of your walls, columns, and hardscaping features at night. They’re great for making ivy walls, statements stone, and ornate features that you’ve put design effort into stand out against the night sky.

Don’t settle for lighting that looks basic, drab, and serves no purpose other than to just provide a way for you to go. In 2020, make your yard look as stylish as possible by choosing lighting features that add to the theme you’re trying to create, create a safe area, and allow you to highlight fixtures that you’ve spent creative energy and money installing in your space.

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