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Colorful shade gardens that are full of perennials, which return year after year, is something that’s possible. In fact, you can mix your shade perennials to create a tapestry of colors for the darker areas in your landscape.

If you are ready to spice up your garden beds and find the best perennials for shaded areas, then your in the right place. While some of the options on here are tried and true, while others are new, they will all help create the impact you are searching for.

Aralia – Sun King

If your shady garden needs a bit of “brightening” then this plant is sure to bring the color, you are looking for. Vivid gold in color, you can use the Sun King to provide a “pop” foliage in the darker parts of your garden. Because this plant can grow as much as three feet in a single season, this is a great “bang for your buck” addition. Keep in mind, moisture is necessary for this plant to thrive, but when the small blooms appear, they will attract honey bees.

Astible – Younique Ruby Red

This plant is a compact, mounding shad lover featuring bright red, lacy blooms. One of the best parts of this perennial is that it will product twice the number of blooms of other astible varieties. To keep this plant healthy, make sure you water it regularly and that it’s planted in rich soil.

Bergenia – Winter Glow

This is a shad tolerant evergreen perennial that forms a nice carpet of lustrous green leaves as time passes. Magenta flowers will emerge in early spring through early suffer. Cool fall and winter temperatures will turn the leaves a beautiful shade of red. This plant works well as ground cover or a border once it is established.

Lungwort – Raspberry Splash

The majority of lungworts are planted because of the stunning foliage the produce, and the Raspberry Splash is no exception. This plant has very beautiful leaves. An added bonus is the bright raspberry colored flowers, which spout over the spotted, silvery foliage. Even better, this plant is deer and rabbit resistant.

Coral Bells – Forever Purple

A list of plants for your shade garden would not be complete without adding some of the popular coral bells. This colorful foliage springs to life in the fall months and provide an excellent contrast in your shady garden. Of all the purple cultivars, Forever Purple is the most vivid and it will return every spring.

Coral Bells – Fire Alarm

Another favorite in the coral bells family is the Fire Alarm plant. The red leaved plant produces a vivid red leaf that will turn to a fiery red color in the spring and fall months, and brick red during the summer. When you mix this with other shad perennials you are sure to have an explosion of color in your garden.

If you want more ideas for beautiful perennials you can add to your shade garden, then work with the professionals. They can help you create an amazing outdoor space.

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