7 Ways You Can Transform Your Yard With Container Gardens

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    If you really want to enjoy nonstop creativity, color, and interest throughout the seasons, elegant container garden ideas can make it happen.

    Think about it. Container plants are the ultimate addition to a Kansas City landscape. They can be changed up regularly. They are easy enough to move around for a fresh look. They add instant height, elegance, and intrigue to any spot. They can be contemporary or simple and natural. They can serve multiple purposes – from aesthetic improvements to directional aids to focal points.

    We love to gush over a great looking container full of brilliant blooms, dancing leaves, and grassy spikes. If you want a modern look, you can get it. If you want a full, traditional, old world garden planter, you can have that, too. Containers always deliver; they never let you down.

    In fact, there are quite a few reasons to embrace landscaping with flower pots. Let’s take a look.

    How Can Landscaping With Flower Pots Transform Your Yard?  

    By definition, container gardens are any combination of plants installed in flower pots, raised beds, or window boxes.

    These potted plants in landscaping give your yard an edge by adding focal points, emphasizing existing design elements, breaking up textures, or even embracing seasonal changes.

    7 Benefits to Potted Plants in Landscaping   

    Container gardens seem to be popping up everywhere you look, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

    Containers are extremely versatile and flexible. No matter how small or large your Kansas City landscape is, containers add creative elements and sustainable greenery and color to enliven any outdoor living area.

    Not sold yet? You soon will be. Check out these amazing reasons for adding potted plants in landscaping.

    1. Potted Plants in Landscaping Save Space   

    Have only a little room to work with? Have tons of room to enjoy?

    It doesn’t matter which one you have; there’s a container for every situation. The space you have is never an issue when it comes to landscaping with flower pots.

    One container plant in your landscape design can add a dazzling focal point. Or container plants bursting with blooms can adorn your large patio, accenting key areas.

    If your Kansas City landscape space involves larger structures like pergolas or pavilions, containers can add some extra flowers or some vertical color as well.

    2. You Can Easily Move Plant Containers Around Your Landscape When Necessary  

    For those who can’t commit to one container in one place or for those who like to entertain and want to move container gardens around to decorate different areas, potted plants in landscaping can give you so much versatility.

    If you’re someone who likes to mix things up, containers are certainly for you. You can get tired of one plant in one place. With a container, you can pick that plant arrangement up and move it to another spot without having to dig up your plants. You can even bring some containers indoors if the plants can’t tolerate the winter weather.

    garden landscape Kansas City

    3. Container Plants Can Create Privacy  

    You might enjoy talking to your neighbors, but everyone also likes alone time.

    Landscaping with flower pots can give you that much-needed privacy. A landscape designer who helps strategically place containers can help you achieve a bit of seclusion when you crave it most.

    4. Container Gardens Can Help Separate Spaces   

    If you have a large patio or large outdoor living space, landscaping with flower pots can help you separate spaces, giving you distinct areas. An outdoor kitchen or dining area, for instance, can have some distinction from an outdoor firepit and lounge area with some well-placed potted plants in your Kansas City landscaping.

    With a few unique and professionally designed containers, you gain instant visual appeal, as well as some intimate nooks, giving you some peace and quiet when you need it most.

    5. Potted Plants Can Help Direct Traffic In Your Yard  

    You don’t always need fences or retaining walls or other hard structures when you want to guide people down specific garden paths on your property and protect precious plants.

    A natural barrier full of potted plants in landscaping can do the same thing, keeping your foot traffic where you want it and out of where you don’t want footprints.

    6. Containers Can Add Natural Focal Points and Emphasize Existing Design Elements in Your Yard  

    When you want to draw attention to a specific location in your Kansas City yard, potted plants in landscaping can certainly do the trick.

    You can use containers to flank an entrance way, perfectly framing it with elegance and style. Or you can layer different sized containers to accent a larger space and create a backdrop with interesting colors and visuals. You can use containers full of bold blooms to mark areas along a long walkway, or punctuate pool or patio edges with potted plants and flowers. You can even create an allee along a long, open, expansive driveway with containers.

    Containers can create vignettes that can be enjoyed from both indoors and outdoors. These additions can even increase curb appeal if they are strategically placed.

    Their uses in your landscape as living sculptures are nearly endless.

    7. Containers Can Help You Embrace Seasonal Changes  

    Potted plants in landscaping give you a chance to change flower combinations, textures, and colors, enriching each season so it feels special and unique.

    This practice of rotating color palettes can help you mentally set the tone for each season.

    Landscape plant colors evolve with the seasons, so it makes sense to complement what’s going on in your garden by changing colors with the evolving landscape.

    garden containers landscape ideas Kansas City

    Give Your Plant Containers a Professional Edge In Kansas City  

    As you can see, potted plants in landscaping can do wonders for any home landscape in Kansas City.

    Containers can be both architectural elements and place holders for brilliant blooms and fragrant flowers. You can group complementary but different containers together to increase architectural interest. You can even complement your unique garden style with potted plants. Window boxes can also liven up your home architecture and space with the right plant design.

    There aren’t really a lot of negatives when it comes to container plants. You may be getting so excited as you look at these container benefits that you want to start right away, but maybe you aren’t sure where to begin – from what type of container to choose to which plants would work best in them to what kind of care and maintenance they need to thrive.

    Let High Prairie Outdoors help. Choosing container colors – not to mention the plants to go in them during each season – can certainly feel overwhelming. We understand. Container Plantings take a lot of thought and care in choosing the right pots and plants to survive and thrive. Our experts have years of experience in perfecting Kansas City area containers. We’d love to provide you with these additions to elevate your landscape and give you all of these potted plant benefits.

    Ready to see how High Prairie can transform your Kansas City home landscape with seasonal flowers? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a design that you will love and your neighbors will envy.

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