6 Reasons Why Your Landscape Needs a Fine Gardener

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    Do you find yourself coveting the fine gardens in magazines or the neighbor’s always spectacular landscape? You’re not alone.

    There is a distinctive gap between what it takes to create a fine garden and the expectation of what commonly happens in the landscaping industry.

    We’re here to help you understand how to achieve that elevated landscape look. You can have a luxury landscape in Kansas City. But first, we’re making a bold statement:

    Fine gardens are cultivated over time. A luxury landscape is not a one time installation (event), it is an ever-evolving, living environment that requires precise care and cultivation to thrive. This means that to have a fine garden, you must view your landscape as a process, and not an event.

    The charm and beauty of a landscape comes to life with the evolution of the seasons and the nourishment provided to your gardens.

    Many studies tout the benefits of spending time in the fresh air as one of the best ways to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and recharge. Spending time in your own landscape is restorative only if it is properly cared for. Otherwise, every time you step outside, you’re reminded of all of the work that needs done, which is counter-productive to relaxing.

    The good news is that you can have a magazine worthy landscape in Kansas City. In fact, that’s our specialty. We’re here to help you understand if a fine gardener is right for you.

    What is Fine Gardening and What Are the Reasons You Might Be Able to Use This Service?

    As a specialized approach to luxury landscape maintenance, fine gardening is a way for you to receive specialized care for your landscape, focusing on horticulture and plant knowledge around the intent of your landscape design. This care ensures natural growth patterns and healthier, happier plants.

    Since your landscape is a living, breathing, evolving entity, the elements must all work together in harmony. Fine gardeners have the skillset to identify opportunities for bringing out the absolute best in your home landscape.

    A fine gardener can bring both balance and beauty to your Kansas City backyard. There are many components that define this higher end level of care. Here are some of the specific reasons to consider hiring a fine gardening professional for your space.

    1. Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance Can Be Incredibly Convenient For the Kansas City Homeowner

    What if you didn’t have to juggle multiple companies to achieve a beautiful landscape?
    Comprehensive landscape maintenance or fine gardening packages are great fit for you if you value high-style outdoor spaces and only want to have a single contact source to reach out to with questions or concerns. This maximizes your convenience and reliability. A key component of a luxury landscape is having a comprehensive approach to all aspects of caring for those gardens and outdoor living spaces.

    2. A Fine Gardener is a More Advanced Maintenance Technician, Tending to Higher End Needs

    Figuring out whether you need a fine gardener can be a challenge, but looking at your needs can help you determine whether it’s the right fit for you.

    General maintenance technicians, for instance, don’t have the skillset or experience to tend to a garden and match specific architectural styles or plant horticultural schedules.

    Fine gardeners, on the other hand, specialize in this high-detail work that can give you that lush, magazine-worthy landscape you desire.

    If you want a landscape that meets the status quo, then maybe general maintenance is all you need, but if you are looking for that elevated attention to detail, then a fine gardener can give you that upscale appearance that takes that extra attention-to-detail approach.

    3. A Fine Gardener Has Advanced Skills Required for Magazine-Cover Quality Landscapes

    You might be wondering what a fine gardener does that makes this work some different compared to a general maintenance technician.

    This job involves meticulous focus on the comprehensive details involved in caring for luxury landscapes.

    A fine gardener will perform specialized tasks, including:

    • High detail bed tending. Removing weeds, debris, and stressed plants or branches.
    • Monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of possible pest, fungal, or disease issues on plants.\
    • Nourishing programs for landscape plants and turf using the best feeds and fertilizers for each type of plant.
    • Plant care based on specific horticultural schedules, including pruning, spent bloom removal, structural shaping, and thinning.
    • Soil enrichment through soil building practices.
    • Bed edge defining and monitoring.
    • Moisture monitoring and adjusting.
    • Potted plant care and feeding.
    • Water feature care and maintenance, including the water mechanism, as well as water feature plant care.
    • Any other tasks needed in the garden.

    4. A Fine Gardener Can Extend the Life of Your Landscape

    When you opt to hire a fine gardener in Kansas City, you have a highly qualified individual or team that is there to ensure your landscape is growing in top shape.

    The look of high-end health can be seen through maximum beauty in your environment. That means more blossoms, fuller plants, no dead branches or unsightly spots, less disease or pest issues, and plants being given their best environment and care to optimize their appearance. This includes the right sun exposure, optimal soil health, adequate moisture management, and space considerations for growth.

    While a fine gardener can’t prevent normal aging decline in plants or weather-related impacts, such as harsh storms, they can give a landscape its best chance for survival and optimum aesthetics.

    5. A Fine Gardener is Regularly Present on Your Landscape

    When you hire a fine gardener in Kansas City, you can expect regular visits to your property.

    During the busy growing season, gardeners usually tend to your landscape weekly. Then, during the dormant season, gardeners will typically visit your property biweekly.

    Your landscape doesn’t stop living during the dormant season, that’s why a fine gardening program is for all twelve months. For example, we’ve experienced a significant drought in Kansas City this year. Our fine gardeners will be doing deep, hand watering to evergreens and newer plantings all winter to ensure the plants are thriving by spring. Because of the drought and irrigation systems being shot down for winter, the hand watering program makes a significant difference on what survives the winter.

    6. A Fine Gardener is a Differentiator on Your Kansas City Landscape

    As part of a comprehensive package, fine gardening services ensure your entire garden, landscape, and lawn are growing at maximum vitality.

    This requires significantly more time than the average quick service type maintenance that a traditional or conventional service provider might offer. Not all companies provide fine gardener services.

    A Luxury Backyard Requires Luxury Services to Ensure a High-End Look and Feel

    In every Kansas City community, there are homes and gardens that stand out from the rest. They invest time and energy into looking luxurious and lavish. They take pride in their properties to focus on perfection in look, feel, and growth, following the landscape design intentions and plans.

    This type of work takes a fine gardener.

    You might be curious what these services cost as you’re planning for your maintenance needs on your luxury landscape.

    At High Prairie Outdoors, fine gardening programs begin at $700 monthly for a 12-month contract. But depending on the size and scope of your property and needs, contracts can range from $700 to $9,000 monthly on multi-acre estates.

    Because the price range is so large, contacting our landscape maintenance and fine gardening professionals to determine your specific scope, style, and budget is important.

    For the Best and Brightest Looking Luxury Landscape, Try a Fine Gardener in Kansas City

    Now that you better understand what a fine gardener does, this might help you determine whether these garden care landscaping services could help elevate your property and its look and feel in your neighborhood.

    As you look at your landscape and are trying to determine your true needs, you might still be confused on the differences between traditional maintenance and fine gardening services. That’s completely understandable.

    If you find you have some unanswered questions, give High Prairie Outdoors a call. Our experts would be happy to discuss your needs with you and talk through your goals and desired look and style to find the perfect match for you.

    After all, you want a landscape that shines and fits your personality and home look so you can enjoy it for years to come. We’d be honored to help you achieve that dream and give you than long-lasting and vibrant Kansas City landscape you love.

    Ready to see how High Prairie Outdoors can transform your Kansas City home landscape with our unique and proven, high-end fine gardening services for a luxury landscape experience? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a garden care landscaping plan that you will love and will make your property gleam.


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