Winter May Be the Best Time for New Outdoor Living Space Installation

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    Winter in Kansas brings plenty of cool crisp mornings and cold nights. This means all the outdoor activities many Americans enjoy during spring and summer are on hold. While you may not spend as much time in your inground pool, there is no reason not to enjoy your outdoor space in the winter.

    At High Prairie Outdoors, we specialize in outdoor luxury, and we work year-round to ensure our clients have the best-looking homes on the block. Here, we will talk a little bit about expanding outdoor spaces during the winter season, and how it could benefit you.

    Greater Availability of Contractors

    One of the best reasons to choose winter for an outdoor build is the huge availability of contractors. During spring and summer, contractors and landscaping teams get booked solid. This is the one time of year you won’t have to plan your life around the contractor, but rather can have your contractor plan their jobs around your schedule.

    Having greater availability also benefits you in your choice of landscaping companies. There is no need to settle for whoever has an opening. Rather, you can spend time reading reviews and seeing what friends and neighbors are saying about the top outdoor living space experts in Kansas.

    Faster Turnover Rate

    There is nothing worse than hiring a team of contractors and landscapers only to find your home is inaccessible for an extended period. Booking in the winter means your landscaping team has access to larger numbers in both staff and equipment. This is a huge benefit when trying to get the job done quickly.

    Winter leaves many homeowners turning their attention to indoor renovations, which leaves all the experts at your fingertips to turn your outdoor living space dreams into a reality.

    Your Neighbors will Thank You

    With outdoor golf benched for the season, many friends and neighbors will be looking for ways to socialize and enjoy their time throughout the winter season. Of course, ski slopes and skating rinks will draw in the crowds but, when it is safe, what about creating a social space of your very own at home? Winter is an excellent time to create a new outdoor feature to bring friends and family together and amp up your entertainment game.

    A great example of an outdoor feature to include during the winter months is an outdoor kitchen. There is nothing like gathering around a stone pizza oven and watching the fire crackle as the snow falls around your covered patio.

    The Timing is Great for Those Spring Activities

    If you are not into spending time outside in the winter, you could use the winter season to take advantage of spring preparations. Spring and summer are popular times to get together and enjoy the labors of your yard and garden. Whether you are playing a game of ring toss as a family or strolling your paved garden pathway with your spouse, the spring flowers and bird songs will beckon you outdoors. How do you have all your spring features ready in time to enjoy them? By putting in the work during the winter.

    With fewer people using your outdoor space, the winter is a convenient time to install new appliances or take on large projects. Have your yard and living space picture-perfect for the coming spring and summer events by getting the work done over the winter break.

    Contact High Prairie Outdoors

    If you want to take advantage of the winter season to install a new outdoor feature on your property, High Prairie Outdoors can help. Our team of professional contractors and landscapers come highly trained and are experienced in a variety of styles and applications.

    To learn more about our services, or speak with a member of the team, we invite you to contact us at 1 (816) 398-2901.

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