What are the features that set a Renson Pergola apart?

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    Homeowners in the Kansas City area that are considering a Renson Pergola may be wondering what features and benefits set them apart from other automatic pergola manufacturers. We’re going to take a look at the benefits and features that you’ll find on a Renson Pergola, and why those features help them stand out.

    Renson Pergola Is Focused On Lasting Beauty

    One of the biggest overarching reasons that High Prairie Outdoors decided to go with Renson Pergolas instead of any other manufacturer, is their commitment and intense focus on quality and lasting beauty. We understand that when you make a financial investment in something like a Renson Pergola you are looking for a return on that investment, in the form of an enjoyable outdoor living space, for many years to come.

    Top Features Of A Renson Pergola

    There are countless reasons that homeowners will enjoy Renson Pergolas more than other manufacturers, and it comes down to their focus on quality and longevity. Here are some of the primary reasons that we chose Renson as the only pergola that we’ll install.


    Double-walled louvers are 347% stronger than competitors, and easily shake off the snow and ice of Kansas City winters. To add to the durability, they are also certified hurricane-proof with Miami-Dade certification, able to withstand hurricane-strength winds.

    The extruded aluminum used for the structure is the thickest and more durable on the market. Additional high-quality materials used by Renson include stainless steel and various weather-resistant fabrics. The combination of these materials not only makes Renson Pergolas incredibly durable, but they also have a very low maintenance requirement.

    Design Value

    It’s an attractive product that can be broken down into a few key areas of design value. First, it’s fully customizable with over 100 color palette options to match or accent your exterior. The louvers can be customized in multiple styles. The fixed retractable screens for wind-blocking offer color and opacity customizations, and are available in a wide range of fabric options. They easily stand up to the heavy winds and even winter weather of the Kansas City area.

    There are also many other features that can be added to a Renson Pergola, and even integrated into the structure. Renson Pergolas can be equipped with integrated lighting, sound, and even heating systems, allowing you to create a beautiful, immersive, and comfortable outdoor living space. Lighting and sound systems can be adjusted remotely, and even integrated with smart home technology, allowing you to control functionality with a simple request.


    Integrated hardware means you won’t see screws and bolts all over, just seamless and beautiful construction. The motor unit is also concealed, so it’s invisible from the outside. This keeps it hidden and more visually appealing, as well as protected from the exterior elements with additional cover.

    Renson Pergolas also has an integrated water drainage system. The water enters the structure and is routed through the structure and away from the area. This ensures that no matter the installation location or situation, the optimal drainage is always available without having to attach additional gutters or drainage components.

    Trust High Prairie Outdoors For Premium Pergola Solutions

    If you think that your home may be ready for the luxury and enjoyment of an automatic pergola, High Prairie Outdoors is a trusted, local company that is ready to help you learn about your options and find one that you love. Reach out today to make an appointment to view a pergola, or to get started with your project.

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