What Trees and Shrubs Provide Beautiful Fall Color in Kansas City?

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    Even if you are one of the most ardent fans of summer, you have to admit that fall offers a few amazing pleasures, as well. Even if you live in an area that isn’t particularly known for the fiery red and gold colors of fall, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them all the same. Whether you live in the Kansas City are or elsewhere, the key is to plant some of the trees or shrubs listed here.

    Purple Pride Beauty Berry

    This is a tough shrub that has earned its name due to the bright purple berries it shows in the fall. The mounded shape matures at approximately 3’ tall and wide and prefers partial to full sun. The pink spring flowers line the center stem and then the shrub acts as a nice, green foundation until fall. In fall, the berries take the stage as one of our most requested plants.

    Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

    This is a plant that provides you with season-long beauty. In the spring, it will display beautiful white flowers, delicious fruits in the summer months and spectacular red and orange foliage in the fall. It requires full sun or part shade, as well as soil that will remain moist but that drains well. It can grow to be approximately 20 feet tall.

    Fall Fiesta Maple

    The fall fiesta maple is more commonly referred to as a sugar maple and is a large shade tree that grows symmetrically. The dark green foliage that is present in the spring and summer will change to shades of yellow, orange and red during the fall. This has proven to be one of the very best types of sugar maples for both hot and cold climates.


    The Gingko tree puts on an amazing yellow show during the fall months. These are considered “living fossils” due to the fact that they are the very last survivors of tree varieties that grew all around the world more than 200 million years ago. The gingko tree is related to conifers, but instead of needles they have fan shaped leaves. The leaves actually resemble what you see on the maidenhair fern and the trees usually grow in an umbrella shape, often rising to over 80 feet tall.

    Autumn Blaze Maple

    The autumn blaze maple is a cross between the red maple and the silver maple. One of the most appealing features of this tree is the fact that it isn’t picky – it can survive and thrive in both basic and acidic soil and live in wet or dry environments. During the fall months, the green leaves turn a fiery red that will attract everyone’s attention. In fact, this is one of the brightest colors of fall you will see.

    As you can see, there are several tree and shrub options that will brighten up your yard and draw attention from your neighbors and others who are passing by. Of course, you can always contact the professionals at High Prairie Outdoors for help with your fall foliage.

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