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    Imagine if you are hosting a BBQ for some friends and it begins to rain – just as everyone starts to arrive. What if you had the option to simply push a button and – poof – your patio is instantly rain proof, and then push another button again when the rain was over, to have access to the sunshine? Believe it or not, this is completely possible for your Kansas City home.

    With Solara Patio Covers, you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, and more. Keep in mind, while there are other products similar to this on the market, few compare to the features and benefits that this brand has to offer.

    Benefits of Investing in Solara Patio Covers

    While there are countless options out there when it comes to patios, they are by no means created equal. As a result, you have to shop around and carefully consider all the options before you jump into anything.

    Some of the specific benefits offered by choosing a Solara patio cover include:

    • They are durable and feature maintenance free aluminum construction that has been engineered to handle the heaviest winds and snow (which is ideal for the Kansas City area).
    • You can choose a look that’s contemporary or traditional.
    • The colors, sizes and shapes are all customizable.

    However, the benefits of these pergolas don’t stop there. There are even more options that ensure you have the most comfortable and relaxing time outdoors as possible. These features/options include:

    • A remote control that allows you to change the pergola blades as needed.
    • A double seal on the pergola blades to help prevent water leakage or dripping.
    • The possibility of installing a heater, fans or lighting inside the pergola.

    These are definitely features and options that aren’t offered with traditional pergolas and patios. As a result, this provides you much more value for your money.

    Is a Solara Patio Cover Right for You?

    This is an important question that you will have to consider carefully and then make a decision based on your particular needs. After all, while these are amazing and offer countless benefits, they also represent a significant investment.

    Take some time to think about if you can afford the investment and then where it would be installed. Once you have decided to move forward with the project, find the right installation services for the job.

    Why DIY Installation isn’t a Smart Move

    When it comes down to it, attempting to install something such as the Solara Patio Cover on your own isn’t a good idea. These are pretty high tech, and a seemingly small issue can result to the entire thing not working properly.

    A better option is to call the professionals. They can help ensure that the Solara Patio Cover is installed properly and that you reap all the benefits it has to offer. With this in place, you no longer have to worry about rain, excessive heat, snow or other adverse weather conditions ruining your outdoor plans.

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