Summer Flower Booking Tips for Continuous Color

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    Summer is the time to take your property to a whole new level of luxury, appeal, and, dare we say it, “wow.”

    Adding color to your landscape with the use of plants that have bountiful, beautiful blooms, luxuriously hued leaves, and other bits of visual appeal in the forms of berries and bark, can do wonders to perk up any Kansas City home landscape.

    A great landscape design will include a great mix of perennials, trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses that add solid base colors and textures to your landscape, you might be looking for that extra boost of brighter, bolder shades during the growing season.

    You might even be inspired by glamorous magazine spread photos of meticulous exteriors or even a display at your local botanical garden. Exceptional, eye-catching color can be incorporated throughout your property through some seasonal color and flower installations. These can glam up your gourmet al fresco soirees, give special touches to backyard parties, and provide your patio with the perfect amount of punch and pizazz.

    Not sure how to do this? No sweat. We can help by providing you with some key ways planting annuals and summer flowers in containers or your garden beds can give you year-round color and all the happy, warm feelings vibrant blooms can bring to your space.

    Try These Summer Flower Booking Tips

    You know landscaping has an incredible impact on your home’ curb appeal, as well as overall style and feeling you get when you’re outdoors enjoying the space.

    Having a boost of color through the warmest seasons can amplify your outside experience and enjoyment. It can even help your garden stand out among those in the neighborhood.

    There are so many flowers out there that it might become overwhelming to think about what you want to do. These summer flower suggestions can help you make the best decisions to obtain the best color you can get.

    Plan Multiple Seasons At One Time

    To have an amazing plan for spring, summer, and fall going into the year – one that includes tons of color and creativity – you want to work with a landscape designer who can plan multiple seasons of color rotations at one time.

    The reason why this approach gives you a better chance of getting great color is due to the current volatile nature of supply availability. At High Prairie, our trial garden research has helped us select some fun floral additions for our 2022 flower palette. By pre-booking materials as soon as we can for an entire season, we can ensure our customers are more likely to get what they want in their landscapes.

    You Should be Welcome to Share Your Creative Ideas

    You want to be able to communicate the skype of seasonal colors you want and have your landscape designer listen and provide the color schemes and ideas you’re seeking, while also adding their expertise and creative flair.

    You should have multiple ways to share your ideas and discuss your plans with your landscape designer to give you peace of mind and some assurance that you’ll have some great color additions this year.

    High Prairie is gathering its customers’ insight through a unique online survey system tied to our customers’ accounts. They can choose the seasons they’d like to plan for, provide feedback to their account managers, and move forward with summer flower proposals. Our account managers can then follow up to clarify our customers’ wishes. Then we can pre-book material to the best of our ability. Installations are automatically scheduled and you get fresh color through spring, summer, and fall. By August/September, we can then plan winter color creative concepts.

    Embrace Strategic Bloom Timing

    Your landscape designer should have some knowledge specific to Kansas City on plants that can ensure colorful blooms at the right times. .

    You don’t want to have blooms sporadically or at one time and not another. You want consistent blooms. When one plant has gone through peak flower power, you want another ready to take its place with a fresh color, texture, or shape that keeps your garden interesting and alluring.

    When you lack this attention to detail, you can easily end up with holes in your garden where nothing is blooming or your landscape looks barren. A strategic layout, taking into account accurate timing, can pay off with a more robust color program.

    Consider Plant Location as a Priority

    Your summer flower booking tips would not be complete without talking about optimum location for your punchy, powerful impactful plants.

    Your entryways are a great example of places that could use a dose of high-power color. Amplify your curb appeal with front yard summer flowers.

    In the backyard, grouping color near your patio or near areas where your guests will frequent can elevate the overall experience. Or opt for maximum appeal by adding annuals in a larger, grouped fashion versus just sprinkling them here or there. Going big when it comes to color versus just dabbling ensures that color has the desired impact versus dies out too soon or shrinks among your other plant materials.

    One way High Prairie is producing even more impact out of our seasonal color displays is through an organic liner program for many different sizes of garden containers and pots.

    Through this process, your custom color combinations will be pre-potted in an organic liner and installed in your containers with an organic insulation and drainage layer. The extra hues come with less disturbance during installation as well.

    Container Gardens Matter as Essential Ways to Exhibit Color

    Adding containers to special places where they’ll offer the most impact is a great way to continue piling on the color in your garden.

    Near a front entryway, near a front gate, on your patio or deck, along a walkway – the possible locations for containers are endless.

    When your containers are thoughtfully designed with spills, fills, and thrills, and then placed in great urns or sculptures, they act as sculpture or even art.

    Permanent flower planters around a patio, for instance, can also be great places for summer flower additions and change-outs through the seasons.

    Ready to Add a Little More Color to Your Life?

    Now that you’re inspired by all that summer flowers can offer, you’re probably trying to figure out what you can do to get started dreaming about the vibrant hues as winter grays slowly melt away.

    Whether you prefer warm shades in rubies, tangerines, and golds or love cooler palettes full of aquas, blues, violets, lavenders, and emeralds, you can get exactly what you’re after. And planning earlier never hurts.

    If you’re not sure where to start, give High Prairie a call. Our experts are giddy about color and landscape design and would love to offer your home unique touches of gleaming, glorious hues.

    Ready to see how High Prairie can transform your Kansas City home landscape with summer flower booking tips? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a design that you will love and your neighbors will envy.

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