4 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time For a Hardscape Project

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    Sure, spring and summer naturally turn your thoughts to the outdoors. The long days full of warm weather and sunshine make us want to get outside for everything from relaxation to exercise or even hanging out with friends and family.

    It’s hard not to think about the outdoors when those beams of light, rustling leaves, and budding blooms are calling us out there.

    But when the weather cools down in autumn, you start to turn inwards. You clean up your home in preparation for the upcoming holidays. Maybe you reorganize your closet as you put away your shorts and get out your long pants and winter jackets.

    What you might not realize about the fall and winter is these are actually great seasons to complete a hardscape project in Kansas City.

    Let’s look at some of the reasons you might not want to wait until spring and summer to tackle your next great outdoor recreation space in your backyard.

    Why Investing in Hardscape Projects in Winter is a Good Idea

    While we all enjoy our landscapes during those optimum times of the year when the weather welcomes us outside to bask in its glory, there are upsides to taking care of landscape projects during other times of the year.

    Sure, not everything can be done in winter, but you’d be surprised at what we can work on.

    For instance, great winter projects include patios on granular bases, retaining walls, decks, pergolas, fire pits, pathways, steps, and landscape lighting.

    These 4 justifications for installing hardscapes in winter might help you better understand why you don’t have to neglect progress on your outdoor oasis just because Mother Nature gets in the way.

    1. You Can Maximize Springtime

    If you complete your hardscape project during the winter months, you can transform your space so that it’s ready to go the second spring arrives. You know how much you’re itching to get outside after being cooped up under blankets all winter long. This way, the second The Weather Channel reveals sunny skies in the forecast, you can immediately get out there and soak them in.

    Invite friends over and play yard games and then enjoy a late lunch al fresco on your new patio. Or how about Sunday brunch in your new outdoor kitchen? That fire pit you’ve been planning could be primed for s’mores and ambient firelight while you catch up with family during a spring evening.

    2. Hardscaping in an Interruption-Free Zone

    Construction can sometimes be messy. We’re moving large equipment, a variety of materials, and dirt through your yard.

    During the spring and summer, this work has to be done while navigating children, pets, and homeowners who are actively using their yards. Maybe you need to grill dinner, for instance, take your pet outside.

    But during the winter months, fewer people are running around in your yard. Even pets want to do their business and get right back inside where it’s warm. Getting the work done in winter ensures you don’t have to lounge on your lawn chairs beside piles of dirt or an excavator at rest. Instead, you can be inside watching a good movie while the work gets done. And then when you emerge from your indoor winter cocoon, your new outdoor nook is ready to use — mess-free.

    Since most of your plants are dormant during the colder months, this also means your lawn and soil are less likely to sustain as much impact that might delay blooms or growth with a hardscape project in winter. The equipment and heightened foot traffic as well as excavation are happening at a time when plants are already at rest so they can still come back strong in the spring without suffering as many potential recovery setbacks.

    3. Avoid the Spring Rush

    If you like to get your Christmas shopping done early and avoid long lines on Black Friday, then you’ll know what we mean when we say getting your hardscape project completed in winter is like beating the holiday shopping crowds.

    When you don’t want to be rushed and you want your new patio complete before your child’s spring birthday party, a winter installation means you’re not fighting to squeeze into your landscape professional’s already swamped schedule and there’s no risk your project won’t be completed in time. Winter projects always get done faster because materials are usually quicker to acquire and you’re not fighting with an overbooked schedule.

    There are always scheduling backlogs and longer wait times in spring. Spring rains and extra mud just amplify the problem. Avoid the delays and choose winter instead.

    4. Ideal Hardscaping Weather

    Hardscaping in Kansas City during the winter can offer some great mild, sunny stretches prime for working outdoors.

    In fact, the cooler fall and winter can offer some better days than working in the sweltering heat of summer. And, a variety of hardscape projects can even benefit from a smoother drying process or ease of installation during these milder temperatures.

    Don’t Wait: Your Hardscape Project is Waiting

    Hopefully, this helps give you a better idea of the hardscape projects you can tackle when your landscape seems to be hibernating for the season.

    You want an outdoor space that’s going to work best for you and fit your specific needs, and there’s no reason you have to wait until the weather is ideal to make your long-awaited plans come to life.

    A great landscape design professional in Kansas City can give you some ideas on when your project can be done or discuss any winter limitations to installation, as well as offer you amazing ideas when it comes to your available space, desired materials, and any site-specific needs or concerns. If you share how you want to ideally use your yard, your landscape designer can give you solutions that can amplify your ideas to that next level of comfort and outdoor enjoyment.

    If you want to better understand which hardscape project you can tackle in your Kansas City yard during the winter months, we can help. High Prairie Landscape’s professionals have years of outdoor living knowledge and are passionate about transforming spaces for local families to enjoy and embrace.

    Ready to see how High Prairie Outdoors can install a hardscape in your Kansas City yard so you can start making long-lasting family memories? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you and deliver an outdoor space that matches your vision. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can create a solution that will bring you years of outdoor enjoyment.

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