Kansas City Seasonal Color Program for High-Impact Enjoyment

Searching for Kansas City seasonal color and container plants for your landscaping? Let High Prairie Outdoors help you build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Celebrate Change With Seasonal Color Design and Installation in Kansas City

Color is pretty powerful.

It has the power to soothe in its cool blues, soft emeralds, and delicate lavenders. It can rejuvenate and excite you in warm golds, bright oranges, and hot reds. The mix of greens — from celadon to lime to evergreen — that make up the bulk of the landscape nurture your soul and ease your stress.

As flowers bud and petals bloom, you get to watch nature unfold right in front of your eyes. And through each season, these changes highlight the angles of your home in different ways, keeping you enraptured, enjoying the changes from month to month.

In fact, color may have more impact on the landscape than any other design element.

Seasonal color can ensure you celebrate each season’s hues.

Flowers in front of a home in Kansas City
Kansas City tulip bulbs

Get Big Impact After a Long Winter

Spring is an awakening of the landscape each year, and it’s magical to watch.

Spring bulbs are like a gift your garden gives you as the rest of your landscape slowly unfolds.

They pop up earlier than other plants and create a great feast of color in bulb-focused beds, mixed beds, window boxes, and containers.

The earliest bloomers are the single tulips, snowdrops, crocus, mini daffodils, and iris reticulata. These are all smaller blooms, but they pack a color punch — from the white of snowdrops to the yellow of daffodils and the purple of crocus.

The mid-spring bloomers are the full-sized daffodils, single or double tulips, tall blue hyacinths with lovely scents, and fritillaria for stand-out, showcase flowers.

Then in late spring, you have tall tulips like ‘Queen of the Night,’ Dutch iris, English bluebells with frilly blue blooms, and lilies.

If winter gets you down, spring blooms as part of your seasonal plant displays will turn those frowns upside down.

Summer Sizzles

Kansas City summers are hot, so we add color that can take the heat and not fall down on the job of boasting beaming blooms all season long.

This is where we get the most unique blossoms because we have more options for magazine-worthy displays.

Additionally, with our Brilliant Blossom program, our crews can feed and protect your summer sizzlers throughout the season so the heat never gets them down and so they continue to pack a powerful color punch all season long.

Custom flower display

Beautiful & Edible Fall Gardens

Don’t despair when summer blooms begin to fade. We have good news: The growing season isn’t over.

While flowers are certainly the show-stoppers of summer, fall brings color in the form of cole crop ornamental and edible veggies.

It starts with kale. Crane Series kale is tall and flowering almost like a rose. With outer edges and stems of deep green and inner leaves of white and pink, these leaves look like petals. The Peacock Series kale is a low, shrub-like kale with incredible color. The leaf centers are white and pink (depending on the variety), gleaming next to deep green and purple exteriors. The contrast is exciting and energizing.

Front Door Garden Landscape Design Kansas City

Edible mustard comes in varieties that add great fall color, too. Red Brazen Brass mustard has dark red leaves with green undersides, while Golden Streak mustard offers sea-green leaves with golden streaks.

Swiss chard is another edible that offers leafy greens with intense, vibrant reds, oranges, pinks, and purples. Varieties like Bright Lights, Peppermint and Orange Fantasia bring some fun color options, and all the nutrients that go with them.

While beets stew below ground, their greenery above ground also offers great shades of deep red and purple.

These plants together can be expertly designed to craft a garden or containers that brings unprecedented and unexpected autumn vibrance.

Winter holiday decor

Winter Wonderland

Sure, the growing season is over once winter settles in, but that doesn’t mean your color has to fade away.

Our outdoor decor experts love using freshly cut evergreen branches mixed with sprigs of holly to keep containers full and bursting with fresh color and scent during the coldest months.

We offer simple and festive ways to continue seasonal plant displays during the coldest months so your spirit doesn’t fade beneath the snow.

Unmatched, Four-Season Color

If you couldn’t tell already, we love color. We can’t help it. We love making four-season statements so much, we custom grow our flowers so we know we’re offering the most unique and best Kansas City color we can offer.

Brilliant Blossoms is what we call our program, and we think the name fits. We don’t just provide color, but we also build up your soil with organic matter to ensure maximum results, use the best flower options we can find, and provide ongoing care and feeding so your color doesn’t fade and you don’t have to worry about it. You just have to enjoy it.

When you let us do your landscape color, you’ll have something the neighbors won’t have. They’ll be checking out your yard each season, asking you where you got such unique, bold blooms.

A Better Outdoor Space is a Click Away

If you’re lucky enough to snag a spot on High Prairie’s schedule, jump on it! We did extensive research before choosing High Prairie and their performance matches their impeccable reputation. We had hired a “cheaper” option to build a landscape and patio for us and were left disappointed with poor quality and even poorer customer service. High Prairie was chosen to re-design and build a new space that surpasses what we had hoped for. They’ve given us faith in contractors again! Don’t go cheap like we did and have to fix it, hire quality the first time. It’s more affordable in the long run! We wish we had found High Prairie sooner.

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