Late Winter Landscaping Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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    Winter may seem like an unusual time to be gardening, but there is a chore for every season when maintaining a lawn and garden. Being a leading landscaping company in Kansas, High Prairie Outdoors knows a thing or two about the winter season and what it means for garden lovers. As the cold months wind to a close, there is plenty to do in preparation for Spring. So, where do you start and what needs to be done before the sun starts to shine?

    Here, we have created a list of tips for homeowners this winter season to help get your yard prepped for planting and looking its best.

    Touch up Paint on Outdoor Areas

    Before getting into the planting and growing aspect of landscaping, you should consider the wear and tear your outdoor space has taken in terms of chipped paint and cracked wood. From your cellar door to the garden fence and even your deck or patio, you will likely find that the winter frost has caused some deterioration. Fortunately, you can spruce up faded fences and chipped shutters with some paint and elbow grease.

    As you are touching up painted areas, consider oiling hinges on your gates, and doors, and checking the structural integrity of any large structures on your property.

    Get to Mulching

    Mulch helps the soil in your garden to stay moist. This will be more important in the summer months than the winter but beginning the process early will help ensure your garden is flower and shrub ready by the time the growing season appears.

    If the ground is soft enough, adding mulch early will allow nutrients to enter the soil. This is especially useful if you have planted bulbs in the Fall and are waiting for them to pop up in the early spring months.

    Prep Seating Area

    No Kansas City home is complete without an outdoor seating area to watch the fireflies and chew the fat with friends and neighbors. Most Kansas homeowners store their outdoor furniture during the off season, leaving it musty, dusty, and sometimes a little rusty. While cushions and slipcovers can be tossed in the washer and dryer, you may want to clean up the exterior of your lawn furniture with a bit of soap and water so everything is looking its best for your first garden party of the season. Similarly, digging out hammocks, and freshening them for the days when you can enjoy them in the sunshine will save you time later.

    Find Garden Tools

    An important part of your pre-spring chores is finding all the lawn and garden equipment you will need in the upcoming months. From your trusty gardening gloves and watering can, to the lawnmower and pruning shears. Be sure to test large equipment and ensure it is in good working order. Things may have seized up over the cold winter season and need some oiling. If you work with a full-service landscaper like High Prairie Outdoors, you may not have tools to worry about. Our services cover the majority of the winter landscaping and gardening work needed on your property.

    Remove Dead Branches and Prune

    Pruning is an essential part of the late winter landscaping effort. It helps your shrubs and bushes grow their best and fullest during the Spring. Pay close attention to the type of plant you are pruning as some require specific cuts in specific areas.

    Before you prune inspect trees and bushes for broken or dead branches. These should be removed and cleared away to create a safe and thriving place for your plants to grow.

    Turn Soil and Add Fertilizer or Compost

    Depending on how mild the winter, you may be able to start turning the soil this season. If you are able to turn the soil and add fertilizer or compost, your plants will thank you. Much like the mulch, these products add much-needed nutrients to the soil. Creating the perfect place for flowers and shrubs to thrive and blossom in the coming months.

    Contact a Landscaper Today

    Looking to get your lawn and garden back in tip-top shape before spring arrives? High Prairie Outdoors is a team of experienced designers, contractors, and landscapers in Kansas. We work closely with our clients to create outdoor spaces you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Want to know more about our services and products? We invite you to call High Prairie Outdoors at 1-816-398-2901.

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