Landscape Design Tricks that Will Create More Space in Your Yard

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    Like many aspects of life, they can be what you make of them. If you purchased a home that contains a yard that’s on the smaller side and are feeling down about it, that’s the last thing that you should be worried about. Even if your yard is small, many landscape design tricks can make your yard appear bigger, and create a lot of space in it. Even if the yard won’t get any bigger, these landscape design tricks can change the overall perception, and create the feeling of a yard that’s larger than it is.

    Create a Plan for Your Yard

    Too many people don’t efficiently plan the design and organization of their yards. Not planning can result in tools, objects, and debris lying around in every random place. If you want your yard to feel more spacious, you need to organize it that way. Plan what areas of your yard will suit what purpose. Have a storage area for your tools, a lounging area, and a play area for the kids. Doing this will create the feel of more space. Creating divided spaces in a yard produces an element of surprise, and it is similar to having multiple rooms in a home.

    Installing Decking and Pavers in Specific Directions

    A useful way of creating an illusion of a bigger yard is to install decking at a diagonal angle as opposed to the traditional horizontal angle. It’s also recommended to build a deck that is on the larger side. Doing this creates a bigger feel in comparison to a smaller deck. In addition to that, if you have paths that are also diagonal, it adds to the illusion because it feels like a longer span to walk through. If you really want to get fancy, you can gradually lessen the width of the path as it leads around the yard. Doing this creates an illusion of the path being a lot longer than it is.

    Using the Right Color Palette

    Color is another one of the essential landscape design tricks that can shift the perceived focus and feel of a yard. If you use brighter colors near the entrance of the yard, it creates a focal point on them instead of the remainder of the yard. The brain is trained to get excited by specific colors, so if you have yellow, orange, and red in areas that you’d like people to look at, then they will feel more invited. Using colors like blue or purple doesn’t create the same feelings in people. You can use these colors on fences or bricks, and if you don’t want to use them on objects, you can also plant flowers to achieve the same effect.

    Big Plants go a Long Way

    A yard will feel more spacious if you have plants with big leaves throughout it. One of the best locations for larger plants is near the entry of the yard. Doing this will create another visual interest as opposed to tiny plants. There is also an added depth illusion that the bigger leaves create when they cast shadows.

    Install a Structure

    Having a structure in a tiny yard can make you feel that it is bigger than it really is. A large arbor right at the entrance of a smaller yard can create a feeling of grandiose in people as they walk directly under it. It tricks the eyes, and having vines and other plants growing around it will add to the feeling even more.

    Go Taller with Vertical Landscaping

    It’s important to get creative when you are running out of space in the yard. Adding tall trees and installing vertical walls can create the feeling of more room. Vertical gardens will add a nice touch to an otherwise mundane looking fence. A vertical garden or taller trees will have guests looking up instead of out at the yard.

    Get Creative with Multifunctional Furniture

    If there is any space in your yard, purchasing something like a bench that has a secondary function as a storage unit can help you save room for your tools and other things. You can also find tables that have storage units underneath them. Multifunctional furniture is a smart way to keep clutter out of the yard that would typically be there anyways.

    Creating space in a yard is a widespread factor that most homeowners deal with. While many wish they had a bigger yard for all of their visions and tasks, most have to make do with what they have.

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