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    If you’ve read our blog about our “Legacy Method”, you know that we’re all about providing an option for craftsmanship and longevity in relation to hardscape projects such as patios, driveways, paths, and outdoor living spaces. That’s half of the value we provide. The other half comes from a way to insure the structure of your hardscape for as many years as you wish… all with an inclusive maintenance plan that you’d need anyway.

    We believe in helping people. Our clients value quality. They also value convenience and peace of mind. We discovered that our clients love the idea of having a pro-active hardscape maintenance package that takes the stresses off of them and places the accountability of a good looking, long lasting patio squarely on our shoulders. You see, we’re already invested in your patio lasting, that’s why we put our name behind “The Legacy Method.” We also know that on-going maintenance is part of owning a patio and that people don’t want to have to deal with that. We solve that problem by providing yearly care for your patio.

    The Real Magic

    The real magic occurs when we’re able to insure the structural integrity of your patio, retaining wall, or outdoor living space for the life of the ongoing maintenance contract for as long as you wish. As long as you allow us to clean and maintain your hardscape every year and update sand and/or sealer at least every 3 years, we’ll warrant the structure of your hardscape indefinitely. This means any settling or separating are OUR responsibility and that you get a clean patio every year, AUTOMATICALLY. Combining “The Legacy Method” with the automatic care easily helps your hardscape last 25 years or more.

    The Terms

    We believe so much in our building techniques and craftsmanship, that we offer a 25-year or more warranty on the structural integrity of our hardscapes that we construct from the base up. All that is required is a yearly maintenance plan which includes a cleaning and a sand and/or sealer update/analysis every 3 years. No questions asked, if your patio, retaining wall, or other hardscape feature ever settles, separates, or degrades, we’ll come repair for free.

    The only thing not covered in the warranty are sand, mortar, natural stones, and sealer, which require general upkeep every few years. Salts should not be applied to your hardscape.

    Please note we cannot warranty natural stones in walls or patios, but we can warranty their bases and structural integrity. Natural stone has organically occurring fissures and layers that separate over time when moisture enters the stone pores. The moisture is then exposed to our freeze/thaw process. Over time, this can cause the stone to crack or peel off in layers. This is naturally occurring and doesn’t often affect structure. Note the stones themselves cannot be part of the warranty due to these natural processes.

    Warranty is voided on any project or account with past due or late paid invoices.

    If you’re ready to work with a business who builds things right the first time and take accountability for the performance of those patios, driveways, outdoor living spaces, and paths, give us a call today.

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