Installing an Outdoor Sound System: Ideas, Tips, and Costs

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    You’re enjoying your grand outdoor kitchen on a sunny day. And your family is playing a game on the patio table waiting for the sizzling steaks to be done to their preferred likeness. Since you’re the chef, you refrain from joining the game, but you can’t help but hum to yourself. You’re not even sure what song is in your head, but as you continue to check on the progress of the steaks, it’s clear as you repetitively sing the tune that you could use a little mood music.

    An outdoor sound system for your patio could be just the right touch to bring you some entertainment while you prepare dinner or get your family dancing and singing while they hang out together.

    But as you think about the setup, it might seem intimidating. Will cords have to run everywhere from inside the house outdoors? Will this become a trip hazard or eyesore? If you go wireless, will you have to remember to charge bluetooth speakers? What kind of equipment can make outdoor sound possible so it can be easy to use? And will everyone be able to hear it without you blasting the neighbors?

    You have a lot of questions. Luckily, we have answers. We will share some of the tips and tricks to outdoor sound system installation so you get a better understanding of what doing this right entails. Then all you’ll have left to do is enjoy some tunes … or make sure to announce right away that the chef picks the music so your family members can’t override your favorites.

    Outdoor Audio Grows in Popularity

    Wondering if you can get a seamless outdoor audio experience without excess safety hazards and complicated usage issues? You’re not alone.

    People are spending more time outdoors, and events like dinner parties, cheering on favorite sports teams, or even just hanging out with friends and neighbors are on the rise.

    And all of these gatherings are happening more outside.

    The subtle sounds of music in the background can break up the silence in between chatting and even spur conversations among friends as they realize common musical interests.

    There are quite a few suggestions we can offer as you consider outdoor sound system installation in Kansas City.

    Sound That Moves From Inside to Outside

    While music is usually naturally considered with speakers connecting indoor rooms, the outdoor spaces are usually neglected. So many people who love music start by using a bluetooth device to play their favorite tunes while cooking, entertaining, or even tending to their garden or patio cleanup outside.

    This causes a separation between the music playing indoors and the music playing outdoors, or the need to move bluetooth speakers from place to place. That can create quite a few challenges for you.

    First, nearby highway noise or busy street noise can mute or cover up your music from time to time. Well-designed outdoor audio will have noise-canceling capabilities that allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of life and relax under the warm sun or by a cozy fire while listening to your station without those interruptions.

    Second, if you have a party, as guests move from indoors to outdoors and back, the music will either disappear, change, or fluctuate in a haphazard manner when you have multiple setups vs. one consistent outdoor audio experience that merges the two spaces into one.

    Advanced Speakers Blend In Better With the Outdoors

    You probably have this impression of speakers being big, black, and imposing. No one wants those giant eyesores invading their beautifully designed outdoor spaces.

    Fortunately, most outdoor speakers today pack a lot of sound punch but come in smaller packages. This way, you don’t necessarily have to see the speakers to hear the music being carried through your backyard.

    Outdoor speakers today are also being made in a way that lets them better blend into your landscape. Maybe they are disguised as rocks, for instance, and fit right into a landscape bed. Other times, their appearance can be softened with plantings or by hanging certain speakers in trees or under awnings to help disguise them.

    The type of systems and sound expectations you have will dictate what methods are best for hiding your speakers. If you want a subtle system, then hanging small speakers in trees or off the ground will work well. If you are looking for a more complex outdoor sound system installation, landscape designers will usually hide speakers behind larger plant materials or look for other natural ways to disguise them.

    Professional Outdoor Audio Installation Makes a Difference

    If you’re looking to avoid adding extra wiring or trip hazards or just a shoddy setup that might not offer superior sound quality, then having a professional install your outdoor audio is important to consider.

    There is complexity that comes with wiring these systems and ensuring every piece syncs up properly. You also need to have proper electrical outlets, have a strong enough wifi signal, and build a cover for the amp box so it is protected from harsh Kansas City weather and isn’t seen.

    When your outdoor audio is installed correctly, you should only have to have it done once. A professional with experience in this space can help eliminate common mistakes and errors that can occur later on, as well as ensure this addition blends in with your landscape.

    Cost to Install an Outdoor Sound System

    There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to the cost to install an outdoor sound system.

    The manufacturer of the outdoor speakers you choose will certainly play a role in your total price. There are quite a wide range of outdoor speaker products available, and they all vary in sound quality.

    High Prairie experts prefer one speaker vendor that has consistently provided quality, long-lasting products, and with their products the installations usually start at around $4,500.

    Other factors can also influence total outdoor sound system costs. These include:

    • How large the backyard is and if you want sound to be heard in the entire space or only in one section.
    • If you want a subwoofer so you can experience the bass of the music.
    • If your backyard requires long lengths of wire to get everything properly hooked up.
    • The kinds of music streaming or bluetooth options you want to use.

    Make Adding an Outdoor Sound System a Smooth & Satisfying Process

    We’re hoping this gives you a better understanding of all of your options when it comes to outdoor sound systems for your Kansas City backyard.

    Unfortunately, outdoor speakers are often overlooked when homeowners are designing their backyards. As they are creating ideal exterior places to enjoy with family and friends, they forget this sensorial element and how much it can play a key role in entertaining or even just while hanging out.

    You might think bluetooth speakers are good enough. But once you experience professionally installed outdoor sound systems, you usually realize how easy they are to work with, the higher level of sound they offer, as well as how simply they fit into every type of space.

    They are permanent and can be ready to go at the tap of a button on your phone, without requiring charging.

    If you are tired of bluetooth frustrations and are ready for a better solution, give High Prairie a call. We have professionals here who have been trained specifically in this area, receiving extensive coaching on design, wiring, and installation of outdoor speaker products. We’d be happy to talk about your sound needs and help you design something that works best with your yard.

    Ready to see how High Prairie Outdoors can install the outdoor sound system you’re hoping for in your Kansas City landscape? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you and deliver an outdoor space that matches your vision. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can create a solution your neighbors will envy.

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