How Much Do Automatic Pergolas Cost?

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    Pergolas are one of the most useful exterior upgrades for the Kansas City area since we have relatively mild midwest weather. Automatic, louvered pergolas can provide a convenient way to enjoy the outdoor weather, without being subject to rain, snow, or intense sun. The big question for homeowners looking to install one, however, is what do they cost? This question has some surprising answers, and they may not be quite what you think.

    What Is An Automatic Pergola?

    A pergola allows a homeowner or guests to enjoy an outdoor setting, while still having protection from intense sun or a shower. While traditional pergolas are stationary, automatic pergolas can automatically adjust louvers to become watertight in the event of rain, providing much more robust protection from the elements. The most popular types of automatic pergolas are louvered and retractable, and the most popular and common material is aluminum.

    How Much Do Automatic Pergolas Cost?

    They range in price from about $30,000 for a relatively average 10’ by 10’ automatic pergola to over $150,000 for large automatic pergolas. The difference between an automatic pergola and a standard pergola is that an automatic pergola is almost able to give you an entire extra room outside.

    Unlike traditional pergolas, automatic pergolas can close becoming watertight, which allows numerous other additional accessories to be added as well. It’s not uncommon to see elements like screened walls, glass walls, panels, heaters, lighting, and more. This can make the area of the pergola incredibly similar to an addition, without the additional expense of full foundations and permitted builds.

    Benefits Of Extruded Aluminum Automatic Pergolas


    An automatic pergola may have a more substantial initial investment for materials and labor to install, but with lower maintenance requirements than conventional pergolas. This can mean considerable savings of both money and time investment for the homeowner that installs the automatic, louvered pergola.

    The higher initial investment on the front end is offset by the years of use with little maintenance or added home additions.

    Low Maintenance

    The level of maintenance that an automatic pergola requires is substantially less than a conventional wood pergola. Wood constantly needs to be sealed and protected to avoid rot, warping, and pest infestation, while aluminum does well without much attention.

    Integrated Sensors

    Many automatic pergolas will feature integrated rain and wind sensors so that the pergola can open or close as the conditions dictate. In many cases, the sensors and automation features can also be integrated with smart home functionality or can be controlled with a smartphone.

    Options To Customize

    Many manufacturers include a wide variety of customizations that customers can choose from. These can consist of dozens of color choices, integrated LED lighting effects, fans & misters, privacy & pest screens, and integrated heaters.

    Depending upon the brand, color options can range from 10 to hundreds. Many homeowners also choose to consider integrated their sound systems and electronics for a full experience.

    Easy To Install

    The installation of many automatic pergolas is straightforward. In many cases, it can be done in just a few hours by a trained professional. The low weight makes the components easy to handle and install, which means you can enjoy your new automatic pergola quicker than you think.

    Incredibly Durable

    The most popular have aluminum components to prevent corrosion, but also to give them incredible durability and resilience to the elements. Powder-coating the aluminum gives it even more protection from the sometimes brutal KC weather. The overall strength and quality of an automatic pergola mean they have a longevity that is comparable to or even superior to conventional pergolas.

    Not all brands have the same durability in terms of the aluminum they use and the louvers they construct. At High Prairie Outdoors, we use the only brand with double walled louvers and the thickest gauge of aluminum. It’s also the only brand to pass as “hurricane” proof in terms of engineering. This durability allows our clients peace of mind when it snows or hails because our heavier aluminum is made to handle it!

    Contact The Experts in Automatic Pergolas

    For more information on what options are available for your home, reach out and speak with a local member of our expert pergola installation team.

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