Getting Cabin Fever? Start Planning Your Landscape or Patio for Spring

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    These unprecedented times have left many Americans filled with anxiety and confusion about the times to come. One thing we can do as a nation is to find solace and comfort in our homes and the safety they bring. To inspire positivity and offer something to look forward to in the months ahead, High Prairie Outdoors has been working with clients to design beautiful new blueprints for upcoming Spring projects.

    Thoughts of Spring brings images of flowers in bloom, lush green foliage, and a resurgence of songbirds and life to Kansas gardens. As homeowners across the state tuck in for the cold winter season, plans for a bright and sunny Spring project could be the light at the end of the tunnel you need. Here are some of our top suggestions for Spring builds and landscaping to consider for 2021.

    Spice Up Backyard BBQs with an Outdoor Kitchen

    One of the top contenders for Spring 2021 projects is an outdoor kitchen. These modern marvels include all you need for superior entertaining, combining the rustic grill with the sleekness of marble counters and gas stove ranges. Whether you want steaks with the guys or a garden party for the ladies, an outdoor kitchen can do it all.

    High Prairie Outdoors specializes in outdoor kitchens with a wide assortment of designs and products to choose from. Make your kitchen as small or large as you like, customizing your space based on taste and budget.

    Gather Round the Fire Pit This Spring

    Another outdoor feature heating up Spring landscaping projects is the classic firepit. Kansas is known for many things, but our love of comradery and good cooking certainly rank highly around here. An outdoor fireplace brings together family and friends or creates a comforting place for just your family to share. Whether you’re cuddling up with a good book or having the grandkids around for marshmallow roasting, there are plenty of memories to be made next to the open flame.

    Spring is the perfect place to start planning fire feature projects, especially if you want to design something more extensive than a basic fire pit. From bricks and stone facing to ceramic and tile, the options for outdoor fireplaces seem endless for 2021.

    Amp Up the Spring Landscape Water Works

    Spring means summer is quickly approaching, which is why a winter plan for a Spring pool or hot tub installation is the perfect timing for soon to come fun in the sun. High Prairie Outdoors does more than simply perfect your outdoor greenery. Our team is composed of some of the top craftsmen, foremen, and landscaping specialists in the state, making your dream outdoor space an easy reality.

    If you are thinking about an outdoor oasis complete with spa and swimming grotto, we are here to help. If future excursions to beaches and pools are currently up in the air, why not turn your home into the perfect space to spend your time and catch some rays?

    Pathways and Potted Plants

    The coming 2021 Spring season is sure to start off with a bang of color. Many Kansas homeowners are choosing bright floral arrangements and what better way to offset those blooms than with a new pathway? Garden walks increase aesthetics and curb appeal, making your home stand out among others in your neighborhood.

    Our team of contractors is happy to help you design a walkway that will work with the layout of your property and your Spring gardening plans. We carry an assortment of mulch, gravel, cobblestone, flagstone, wood, and more to carry your family and guests throughout your well-manicured property and into your highly coveted entertainment area.

    Outdoor Lighting Features

    Spring landscape lighting is the perfect accessory to any outdoor space, providing the option to love your home in the day or night. Whether gathering friends for an evening of cards and cocktails or simply sitting on the porch swing and soaking in the last scents of your Spring blooms, outdoor lighting will illuminate your safe place no matter the hour.

    Choose from our selection of colors, styles, and fixture models to create a space just right for you.

    Contact High Prairie Outdoors Today

    Considering all of the amazing options your home could try on throughout the coming Spring season? Our team of experienced landscapers would love to help you make your outdoor space a place to relax, enjoy, and take pride in.

    For more information on our spring landscape and many more services, including outdoor kitchens, fire features, pools, and pathway installation, we invite you to contact us today. Call 1-816-398-2901 for a quick and precise quote on your Spring projects.

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