5 Expert Tips to Outdoor Holiday Lighting and Greenery Design in Kansas City

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    The holiday time of year is so magical. When you and your family drive through your neighborhood streets, you can’t help but “ooh” and “ahh” at the twinkling lights as they begin to bring new life to the evenings.

    The lights line the edges of windows and eaves in coordinating colors. Twinkling whites mirror sparkling snowflakes and glistening icicles. Alternating favorites like red and white are reminiscent of classic candy canes. Blues provide a winter wonderland effect, while multiple color mixes bring festive joy to celebrations.

    While the holidays are always full of hustle and bustle, nothing beats a break to bundle up with hot chocolate and take a drive to admire the lights and all the wonders of the season.

    But don’t think lights are where the magic ends. The scents of the season — from that peppermint hot cocoa to pine needles — also become part of the beloved tradition. Wreaths made of fresh evergreen sprigs and containers full of the same add much-needed texture and interest. So when your lights aren’t twinkling, your greenery steps up to deliver seasonal sensations.

    Your vision for an epic holiday lighting and décor display is clear. But then maybe you look at the calendar and realize all of the things you have to do. Your agenda says not only are you out of time, but you’re also out of energy.

    Don’t let your holiday dreams fade. Make your outdoor holiday lighting installation a reality with our expert advice.

    5 Outdoor Holiday Lighting & Greenery Tips

    As you dream about the best outdoor lighting holiday ideas for your Kansas City home, you’re probably imagining lights strung in perfect order with coordinating wreaths, planters, bows, and baubles.

    But then you look at how tall your home really is. How are you going to safely get up there? How are you going to find the time to install your dream design scheme?

    After plugging in another set of lights that refuse to work, you may find your holiday wishes disappearing back up the chimney with Santa. Actually creating your holiday vision can be tough. We get it.

    Here are our 5 best outdoor holiday lighting tips for Kansas City homes that can instantly upgrade your display.

    1. Look at the Whole Home & Landscape, Not Just One Section

    One of the most common ways to make your landscape and home merrier is with lights. They are so versatile. You can outline your windows, doors, and your house frame; wrap posts, railings, and columns; and even drape them around shrubs and trees in your front yard.

    An important outdoor holiday lighting tip: Don’t just look at the roof or certain house lines and forget about the rest of the landscape. You want an all-inclusive strategy with your outdoor holiday lighting installation.

    While holiday lighting products are hard to differentiate — everyone uses LED, professional-grade lights, for instance — a well-designed holiday décor plan can really stand out compared to one that was thrown together.

    The trick is having these done by a professional familiar with how to do them neatly and with an eye on the whole property to achieve fullness and symmetry, so décor and lights don’t look sloppy or thrown about. You want a coordinating and consistent mix of different sizes of lights and colors. A clean, polished, coordinated design can elevate the impact of holiday lights tenfold.

    2. Look at the Design From the Outside as Well as From the Inside

    When a professional holiday design focuses on the details, you have something to look at at all times — whether you’re pulling into your driveway after a long day, welcoming guests on your front porch, or sitting inside by the tree admiring some of the scene while staying warm.

    Outdoor holiday lighting installation in Kansas City is all about hours of enjoyment. You want impact from every angle and at different moments of the day. You want to feel that holiday goodness and warmth with every detail.

    3. Wreaths & Garland Add Elegance

    A wreath is a classic holiday addition. Fresh-cut evergreen wreaths bring natural touches and a festive pine scent to your home.

    They can also add texture and décor during the daytime when the lights aren’t visible. To accentuate a coordinating or monochromatic theme, wreaths add a touch of elegance and polish. Tie designs together with floral additions or even bulbs and baubles for a glistening impact. The same colors and textures you use on wreaths can also be used on evergreen garlands wrapped around columns or draping entryways.

    Lighting can also be used to give wreaths and garlands that special glow during evening hours.

    The biggest outdoor holiday greenery tip here: choosing too small a wreath for your door, peak, or window. Make sure to match the wreath to the size of your space.

    4. Winter Plant Containers

    Don’t put your plant containers away for the winter just because spring, summer, and fall are over.

    Layer pine, spruce, and cedar cuttings with eucalyptus or holly berries for festive containers that add amazing texture to your holiday scene. If your container has red and green ribbons or colors, extend its life after the New Year by giving it more of a winter wonderland theme.

    Decorating with fresh greenery adds just the right touch to finish a holiday look, taking it from bland to glam.

    5. Leave Holiday Lighting Installation to the Pros

    When you’re looking to deck out your home for the holidays, but are using all your energy for shopping and gift giving, consider hiring a professional design and installation team.

    First of all, professional outdoor holiday lighting installation involves an interview with you so the designer is taking into account the colors you like and the feeling you’re trying to create. This means you aren’t stuck in long lines at the store trying to put together your ideas. A professional gathers all of those necessities and provides you with choices and a complete theme.

    Not only does a professional design save you precious hours during the busiest time of year, but a professional installation is also safer. Elaborate light displays with rooftop lights and other highly placed outdoor décor require 30-plus-foot ladders and hanging possibly heavy items. Installation teams trained to do this can eliminate those headaches.

    Ready to Dress Up Your Holidays?

    The holidays are a special time of year. An outdoor holiday lighting installation for your Kansas City home can add a magical touch to the season.

    As you think about ideas you want, you may become overwhelmed at all of the possibilities and ideas, as well as how to bring them all together. We understand. Let High Prairie Outdoors help take the stress out of the process and give you that elegant glow you’re seeking. We have professionally designed high-end holiday light displays for years … and you don’t have to struggle with any strings of lights or climb one rung of a ladder to get your dream seasonal scene.

    Ready to see how High Prairie can transform your Kansas City home into a warm and welcoming place to enjoy the season? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a display that helps you get the most out of the holidays.

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