Enhancing Your Outdoors with Landscape Lighting and Sound Systems

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    Gathering with friends and family is one of the joys of life. You tell jokes, reminisce on memories together, share experiences, play games, and just enjoy each other’s company.

    And there’s no better place to do that than in your very own backyard. Your new patio is prime for chilling in the sunshine. Your outdoor kitchen is ready to grill some steaks and vegetables for dinner al fresco. And your pool is the perfect place for lots of fun in the sun.

    But you might be entertaining one evening and realize your landscape is missing some finishing touches. We’re talking about that mood music and a little extra illumination.

    Landscape lighting and outdoor audio are two additions to your yard that take Kansas City outdoor entertaining to the next level. Start collecting your friends’ favorite playlists and getting ready for parties to comfortably last into those sunset hours.

    Let’s talk about what a little sound and light can do.

    The Advantages of Landscape Lighting & Outdoor Audio

    You want to make your backyard more functional and attractive. Using flashlights or dragging an indoor speaker outside on cord extensions aren’t going to do the trick when you want to see where you’re going or to listen to festive music during a party.

    That’s why landscape lighting and outdoor audio are two small additions to your backyard that make a bigger difference than you can imagine on elevating your experience, as well as your aesthetics.

    Here are the benefits of both additions and some tips on how to add them to your space the right way.

    4 Benefits of Landscape Lighting

    You adore your Kansas City landscape, and you put the time into keeping it maintained. You make sure that your lawn is mowed and your trees are trimmed.

    Your only challenge is that you can no longer enjoy the space when the sun sets. During certain times of the year, it can feel like that daylight is gone much sooner than you want.

    Professionally installed landscape lighting can enhance the nighttime use and attractiveness of your landscape, as well as your home.

    1. Boost Visibility

    Landscape lighting is a key element for getting you and your guests from one place to another safely.

    When sunlight is low, path lighting can make navigation in your yard much easier, guiding people down proper pathways so they aren’t trampling the flowers in your landscape beds or tripping.

    And the right landscape lighting design can ensure you don’t have a runway look, but rather a subtle, balanced light that casts just the right amount of illumination so people can see what they are doing and where they are going.

    2. Cultivate Curb Appeal

    One of the best benefits of landscape lighting might be the fact that it elevates your home’s curb appeal instantly.

    Without light during early morning or evening hours, you can’t see the many features of your home or your landscape. In fact, they can all blend into the darkness. An illuminated home, on the other hand, boasts elegantly enhanced architecture and landscape focal points.

    Landscape lighting can make your home stand out as one of the best — and brightest — on the block.

    3. Increase Safety & Security

    Sure, landscape lighting adds beauty and curb appeal, but you realize pretty quickly right after it’s installed that one of its biggest benefits is the elevated security it brings.

    Lighting ensures you don’t come home after work to a darkened doorway. It also discourages unwelcome intruders. And, most of all, it decreases the chances that you or your friends or family members will trip and fall on their way in, out or around your home.

    And, unlike those bright, large security lights at grocery store parking lots, lighting for safety doesn’t have to be harsh to be effective.

    4. Extend the Use of Your Exterior Living Spaces

    A little sunset shouldn’t stop you from having fun on your patio or in your outdoor kitchen. The biggest benefit of landscape lighting is the fact that you can enjoy your backyard longer.

    You can use your favorite areas more because you can see what you’re doing — whether you’re swimming, cooking, or lounging — and you can feel safe while you’re out there.

    Lighting can also enhance your seasonal experiences — illuminating fall leaves and snow-covered branches.

    3 Benefits of Outdoor Sound Systems

    You might regularly hum a tune while you’re grilling outside or find that your guests are playing music on their smartphones to break up the awkward silence during a party.

    Let’s face it, music is part of life. Who doesn’t love a little sound in their lives?

    That’s why outdoor audio could be just the right touch to enhance the entertainment experience in your landscape. Let’s find out why.

    1. Sound Consistency From Inside to Outside

    You might have a stereo inside or even speakers that play throughout your home, but you may have neglected the outside. Many people use bluetooth speakers to try and add sound to their outside spaces. But this can cause a separation between the noise level and specific songs playing inside versus outside.

    Also, nearby highway or busy street traffic — even a mower running next door — can periodically mute your music.

    Having professional installed outdoor audio can connect your indoor and outdoor music seamlessly and have noise-cancelling abilities to allow you to escape the world outside of your yard and just focus on the warm sun, cozy fire, or party guests.

    2. Professional Outdoor Audio Can Blend In

    You probably remember speakers being giant rectangular black boxes. Those certainly won’t blend into your landscape.

    Fortunately, most outdoor sound systems today pack a lot of sound punch but come in much smaller packages. They are even made to look like rocks so they fit into your nearby landscape beds. They can also be strategically hung from trees or disguised behind larger plant materials.

    3. Professional Installation Makes a Difference

    No one wants additional trip hazards in the form of wiring with their outdoor audio or a shoddy setup and distorted sound.

    That’s where professional audio can smooth these issues and ensure each piece syncs up correctly, using proper electrical outlets, a strong enough wifi signal, and an amp box cover to shield this element from Kansas City weather.

    A solid installation can eliminate common mistakes.

    Lighting & Sound Bring Your Yard to Life

    We’re hoping this gives you a better understanding of all of your options when it comes to enhancing your Kansas City landscape with lighting and outdoor audio.

    The boost in illumination and crisp, clear sound can enhance your parties and get-togethers — or even everyday exterior relaxation opportunities.

    When you look at ideas for adding lighting to your pathways and patio, trying to do this so it looks good and doesn’t add too much light can seem intimidating. And you might even think bluetooth speakers are enough when it comes to music.

    Let High Prairie’s experts help. We can design systems that are not only functional and easy to use, but are also beautiful and blend right into your current backyard oasis.

    Ready to see how High Prairie Outdoors can enhance your outdoor entertainment areas with landscape lighting and outdoor sound systems? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you and deliver an elevated outdoor experience. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can create a solution that works best for you.

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