Early Spring Lawn Routine Every Kansas City Homeowner Should Follow

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    Early Spring and the flowers will soon be in full bloom. This is the time of year High Prairie Outdoors lives for. With much of Kansas City amping up for garden party season, we are providing plenty of tips and information on early Spring lawn care to get you ready for your own garden debut.

    Here are some of our top tips for early Spring in Kansas.

    Get Your Spring Cleaning On!

    Spring is all about rebirth and renewal, which is the perfect time to clean up all the debris from past seasons and start fresh. One of the best tips we can offer our clients is to prepare your lawn for planting and growth by removing debris, raking up fallen leaves and twigs, and re-edging gardens and paths.

    Some areas to consider more closely are:

    • Outdoor furniture: Make sure all your outdoor living accommodations are ready for use with clean frames, freshly washed cushions, and no broken or sharp pieces.
    • Structures: If you have fences, decking, a gazebo, or any other outdoor structure, now is the time to sand down rough edges or slap on a coat of fresh paint.
    • Clean water features: For homes with man made ponds, fountains, or other water features, now is the time to clean everything up for use in the coming months.
    • Prune and trim: Your shrubs and trees have probably taken a beating throughout the windy Winter season. Check that dead twigs and branches are removed, and your shrubs are reshaped accordingly.
    • Edge your paths: Garden plots and pathways become an eyesore as rock linings and grass edging overgrows and moves about. Early spring is the time to reline and edge these areas so they look fresh and aesthetically pleasing once more.

    Dethatch Your Lawn and Aerate

    Your lawn gets walked on all year, but winter snow and frost really condense all the dead and living grass, making it tough for the new grass to break through. Dethatching removes all this compounded grass and debris, allowing seeds to take root and grow healthily.

    You can dethatch your lawn with a dethatching tool, which rakes up the dead grass, and straightens fallen live grass so it can be properly trimmed. You may need to dethatch a few times, mow, and rake before your lawn is ready for seeding.

    As the dethatcher gives you a better idea of how much grass you are actually working with, you can begin to aerate the space. Aeration pokes small holes into the soil around your grass so that the soil receives more airflow. Plants need air to grow, and your grass will grow better if the soil isn’t compacted around it.

    Start the Seeding Process

    Once your lawn is looking a bit less brown and ragged, you can begin the seeding process. At High Prairie Outdoors, we believe that overseeding in early Spring is the best way to ensure new grass takes root and produces full healthy shoots. Overseed and water, especially in areas that are looking bare.

    Be careful about the type of grass seed you are using. You may want to have the soil tested in areas where the grass isn’t looking healthy. You may find that the type of seed you use isn’t suitable for your soil type. A landscaper can help you find the best seed for your soil’s pH balance.

    Remove Weeds and Fertilize

    When the ground is finally soft enough, you should begin to weed your lawn and garden areas to promote a healthy space for new grass and plant life. Weeds tend to grow long roots, which tangle themselves with other plants and leach water supplies. Weeds also spread out across Kansas lawns at a rapid pace, which means if you see one, there are likely more ready to sprout up elsewhere on the property.

    Once your grounds are weeded, begin fertilizing the soil, especially in areas you are planting grass and flowers. The fertilizer adds nutrients to the soil, which will help feed the plants you pace there. Fertilized lawns and gardens flourish more rapidly and provide more vibrant blooms than non-fertilized earth.

    Contact High Prairie Outdoors

    Are your lawn and garden ready for Spring planting? High Prairie Outdoors can help you prep your yard at every stage of the Spring season. Whether you are just beginning to clean debris and dig up weeds, or you are looking to begin a major building project in your garden, we can help.

    High Prairie Outdoors serves clients across Kansas City. We pride ourselves on helping our clients make their outdoor living space dreams a reality. For more information, we invite you to call us at 1-816-398-2901.

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