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Searching for Kansas City retaining walls? Let High Prairie Outdoors help you build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Create Function & Beauty With Kansas City Retaining Wall Design & Installation

Is your landscape a chaotic, hilly mess? Do you hold your breath during every rainstorm, hoping water won’t wash away more of your slope?

Banish those worries with solutions that bring both form and function to your space: retaining walls.

Consider a waved and terraced shape to show off gorgeous garden beds full of flowers. Spacing between terraced retaining walls can also be used as pathways to other areas of your landscape. Or use a retaining wall with a staircase to create an elegant home entryway. You can even create a beautiful and functional living retaining wall with spaces designed for herbs and other greenery.

Retaining walls can bring the right solutions to all your complex landscape challenges.

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Retaining Walls Provide Soil Support

Retaining walls allow you to have different soil levels in your yard.

Gravity is tricky and never ceases to keep soil moving right along with it when slopes are involved. It’s a hard battle to fight. Retaining walls provide a great defense by meeting your creative vision while also serving a structural purpose, holding that soil together and stopping erosion in its tracks.

A properly and expertly constructed retaining wall is built with support to hold heavy soil and keep it in place. There’s an art in ensuring retaining wall stability and sturdiness that our experts know well.

Retaining Walls Can be Functional and Attractive You might think retaining walls are just concrete blocks stacked up in wall form. This is far from the truth today. And we don’t do boring.

While concrete blocks have their place, retaining walls can be created with boulders, bricks, and stone, using creative designs and patterns. You can even tailor your retaining wall to the rest of your landscape and your home architecture to bring a cohesive look and feel to your space.

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Retaining Walls Create More Usable Space

When you have a lovely landscape of rolling hills, paver patios and other flat entertaining areas don’t always seem like they’ll even be possible. But retaining walls make them a reality by adding a layered aesthetic that contributes to your yard’s beauty while harnessing the natural elevation of your land.

Retaining walls raise your landscape, creating flat areas along hillsides to ensure soil doesn’t spill out and keeping your outdoors tidy.

The right design can even add a touch of luxury while effortlessly creating usable areas for planting and seating in your landscape.

Your Space. Your Look.

We can craft retaining walls to bring a modern elegance to your space in smooth, light gray tones mixed with whites or dark shades.

Or maybe you want to take modern to a new level with varying depths, giving your wall a three-dimensional visual effect. Mixing smooth and chiseled textures adds interest — perfect for something unique and super sleek.

There are even concrete blocks that are made to look like rustic wood to inspire a more traditional, antique look. This way you get wood aesthetics mixed with concrete’s practicality and durability.

Designed well, retaining walls blend into the earth seamlessly, while creating focal points on your property. Once installed, they require little maintenance, yet do a powerful job of holding back soil, preventing erosion, and creating functional living spaces.

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Layer Up a Level With Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be an essential addition to a sloped or hilly yard by bringing beauty and taming the erosion beast.

Does creating elevated spaces and excavating soil seem like a big job? It is, but we’re not scared of a challenge. Our experts have been installing retaining walls for years and we can work with a variety of grades and soils to create a design that’s pleasing to your eyes while propelling your yard to new heights … literally.

A Better Outdoor Space is a Click Away

We were looking for a company that could handle our complex project so that we didn’t have to deal with multiple contractors. High Prairie is not only a one-stop-shop, but their designs are also exceptional, and the project turned out even better than we imagined. We knew what was happening every step of the way and they continue to be just as responsive now that the project is done.

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