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Become a Gourmet With Outdoor Kitchen Design in Kansas City

Step outside. Can you smell that delicious ribeye or T-bone sizzling? And what’s that next to it: the fresh smell of sweet corn wafts by. You don your “Kiss the Cook” apron and take your chosen weaponry — barbecue tongs and a spatula — to your grand, gleaming outdoor grill to check on the food’s progress.

Nothing says summer like the outdoor grilling goodness that breezes by, hanging in the air and making your stomach grumble. It makes your mouth water just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

If you love cooking and entertaining in the great outdoors, outdoor kitchens can fill the bill, turning your landscape into an experience instead of just a yard. After all, when you hold a party, where can you usually find all the guests? By the food!

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Al Fresco Entertaining at its Finest

Everyone has freedom to move around, play games, or enjoy the scenery while waiting for dinner to cook. While debating the best cooking methods and barbecue sauce recipes is a classic pastime when inviting that many cooks to the fiesta, your guests may not be able to concentrate while admiring the intricate stonework that encases your grill and countertops or the detailed patio that creates a circular pattern around the scene. Either way, you win.

Inviting your family and friends over for snacks and drinks is so effortless in an outdoor kitchen environment.

And kitchen cleanup is a breeze in an outdoor sink. Go ahead and dirty another dish. You don’t have to keep going back and forth to get it cleaned up again. And once you’re back inside, there’s no mess to clear. Job done!

Amp Up Your Outdoor Cooking By a Few Degrees

Being an outdoor chef has come a long way from the simple charcoal grill and a can of soda or beer on the deck.

Grills have every creature comfort you can imagine in them today based on your desired style of cooking. And you may want a simple food prep area for cutting up veggies or you may desire a longer bar space for having lively conversation while the food sizzles. Or maybe you want a wine cooler nearby to keep those favorite vintages chilled and ready to open. You can customize an outdoor kitchen to include exactly what you need based on your lifestyle.

Outdoor kitchens also give you a chance to indulge in fresh, summer fare — think sauteed asparagus, roasted red peppers, or grilled pineapple. Your diet just got a vitamin boost.

Example of a stone outdoor kitchen being enjoyed at a party

Cooking Versatility & Convenience

Always wanted a pizza oven, but didn’t really want to add it indoors? Now you can have that crispy crust from a wood-fire grilled oven without leaving your yard.

Or maybe you’re perfecting your barbecue skills. A barbecue smoker would make the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. A side burner could be just the extra space you need for grilling up additional dishes to compliment your main course.

You might never go to a steakhouse again after you see what you can do in your own gourmet space.

Putdoor Kitchen Landscape Design Kansas City

Embrace That Limitless Luxury Lifestyle

An outdoor kitchen may be a sound investment in your home, but it’s also a sound investment in your well-being. You deserve to enjoy your space. Whether it’s a game-day gathering, birthday party, reunion, or just intimate family dinner, an outdoor kitchen ups your entertainment game and adds a wow factor to your space like nothing else.

You bring the ideas; we bring the custom innovation and installation expertise to create that space you’ve been envisioning.

It’s time to get creative with that homemade steak sauce recipe. Your friends and relatives will be debating your secret ingredient for years. And we’re not about to spoil the surprise.

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The staff were very friendly as well as professional. Their follow up on projects and customer service is outstanding.

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