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Darkness Can’t Shut Down Your Patio With Kansas City Landscape Lighting

You’re outside, enjoying your inground pool and surrounding paver patio. You’re floating and watching the sun dip in the sky. This might be the best time of day out here. The air is a bit cooler — humidity and heat being cut down a bit. It’s quiet.

You want to recline on the patio and dry off. But then, before you know it, the sun goes down. And you’re left in darkness. You make it inside, but looking back out you can only see a black hole. Where did your landscape go?

Banish murky shadows with professionally layered and installed landscape lighting in Kansas City.

You’ve invested in your landscape — these outdoor rooms that beckon you to step out of the indoors. Hardscapes that get you from one place to another, along with trees, plants, and shrubs that highlight the edges, softening the whole outdoor picture and giving you textures and scents and colors to enjoy.

Double down on that time and money you have put into your outdoor rooms with outdoor lighting, making your space as functional in the evening hours as it is in the daylight.  Contact our Kansas City landscape lighting today to take your curb appeal to the next level!

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Landscape Lighting Enables Function & Creates Ambiance

Landscape lighting uses a creative combination of lights to ensure you can do the things you want to do when the sun dies down without drawing attention to the fixtures.

Moonlights can bring focus to your home exterior and most immediate outdoor living spaces. Professionally placed, they offer functional brightness and not obnoxious glare. They softly and naturally illuminate a wider space with a silvery glow reminiscent of moonlight.

Garden lights illuminate flower beds or light up walkways. The right design ensures the diffused bulb’s glow points down or in the direction you need them and never angles in the eyes of passers-by.

Soft, diffused lighting can wash over areas to create a bit of a silhouette of a tree against a house. Lights can be targeted upward along tree trunks, home architecture, or on attractive hardscapes like stone or brick to give them new dimension and depth.

Task or ambient lighting can bring light to outdoor kitchen and dining areas so your party can keep rolling, no matter how late it is. Deck oand step lighting can match hardscapes and tuck away so you don’t even notice the fixture, but rather the efficient and elegant glow they provide.

Landscape Lights Bring a Feeling of Security

Professional lighting ensures entrances are never left in the shadows. It can tie into your current home security system to work together, illuminating visitors and opening camera visibility.

Outdoor lighting can ensure guests don’t trip or fall on their way to your front door, along backyard garden pathways, or on steps in the evening hours. Illumination also deters burglars or vandals, emphasizing safety, because it gives the impression that your home is well-watched and taken care of.

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Welcome Home With Lighting

Whether you’re arriving home in the evening or your guests are coming over for a late dinner, landscape lighting allows your entryways to be visible after sunset, welcoming people in and giving your home a curb appeal boost.

There’s an art and ambiance that lighting also creates, playing on the drama and highlighting areas to create intrigue and depth. From the inside looking out, you’ll feel like you’ve added square feet to your home, enhancing spaciousness.

Designed Right, You Should See Light, Not Fixtures

Have you ever seen lights lined up along a pathway similar to an airport runway? This is a focus on the fixtures and not what’s being lit up. Your home isn’t a landing strip. Staggering path lighting and moon lighting can illuminate an area without creating this runway effect.

Our Kansas City lighting design experts use professional-grade fixtures, controllers, and wiring to leverage your property’s unique strengths, creating visual depth so your property comes alive at night.

Go ahead and delete that end time on your next party invite. Thanks to landscaping lighting, the sunset can’t stop you from outdoor entertaining anymore.

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