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Warm Up Your Nights with Kansas City Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

You like to be outside, enjoying your yard. It’s no secret. We like it out there, too.

But sometimes Kansas City evenings can get cool. And layering on the sweaters is only fun for so long. Sometimes you need a little more.

Enter outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Not only do you reap the benefits of nighttime warmth after the sun goes down, enabling you to stay outside longer, but you also get to enjoy the magical ambiance firelight brings to your backyard scene.

With their orange glow, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits bring absolute comfort, warming your space to cozy temperatures so you can enjoy them longer.

Stone Bar Fire Pit Design Kansas CIty

Kansas City Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits: The Benefits

  • You can entertain more and through multiple seasons.
  • You can get more use out of your favorite and coziest patio loungers.
  • You can create a central focal point where family members can connect — spending time away from phones and video games.
  • You get to do what you love and spend more time enjoying your backyard.
Louvered pergola Kansas City

Bring In An Aesthetic Appeal

Look outside. See that empty corner that never gets used. Imagine a stone fireplace bursting from its depths like artwork or a sculpture. Surrounded by comfy chairs, it becomes your own outdoor nook that welcomes you after long days.

The dancing firelight adds another dimension of light and dark elements bouncing off nearby hardscapes and trees, creating a visual appeal that’s fun to watch.

Firescapes can come in all shapes and sizes — from round to square to rectangular, or even irregular. If you want a fire feature that goes beyond the usual, you can even opt for a fire table or fire wall. Your personal tastes dictate whether your new backyard focal point is rustic or contemporary.

Give Your Home a Value Boost

More people today crave outdoor living. Investing in a fire feature gives you something to enjoy every evening … and it can even come through for you when you have to sell your home. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are big draws for home buyers looking for outdoor appeal without having to create the spaces themselves.

Show off this major selling point and set the scene by showcasing al fresco dining by the fire or a romantic setting amidst the backdrop of dancing flames.

Modern fire pit

Fireplaces Bring People Together

Want to liven your outdoor atmosphere? Gathering around a fire promotes conversation and connection.

It’s a place where relatives can catch up, couples can sit under the stars holding hands, and the family can gather around the flames to roast marshmallows and taste-test different types of s’mores combinations. You can even roast dinner over the flames of a fire pit. You don’t have to be a gourmet. And the whole experience can feel like a camping adventure without leaving the comforts of home.

Fire pit and patio in Kansas City

Fire Features For Every Taste

Looking for all the perks fire features can bring to your yard, but not interested in some of the traditional styles you’ve seen? Maybe you crave something more modern and contemporary or something as unique and individual as you.

Outdoor fireplaces are highly customizable. Your needs, how you want to spend your time, and the ultimate desired look you’re after determines the size, shape, finish, fuel type, and special details of your fire feature. Your only limit is your imagination.

Time to stock up on marshmallows and hot dogs. Your fire feature is calling.

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