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What if you could create an amazing looking, season-long landscape, without having to replant everything each year? Guest what – you can! The following plants are not usually seen on a “traditional” list of sun perennials; however, they provide quite a bit of impact – especially when you combine them with one another.

Keep in mind, you will need to place these plants in full sun and the majority of perennials will begin to truly thrive in about three years after being planted. If you are ready to jump in and learn about the perennials that are great for the full sun areas in your yard, then keep reading.

Poppy Mallow or Winecups – Callirhoe Involucrata

This is a native perennial that provides a summer-long display of vivid pink flowers. It’s extremely rare for the perennial to have a long blooming period, which means that the Poppy Mallow is a real “star.”

Artemisia – Silver Brocade

This plant offers sliver foliage that makes a beautiful groundcover. It will spread on its own to fill up bare spaces and offers superior durability when compared to other perennials.

Clematis – Serious Black (Clumping)

This is unique type of clematis that creates a clump, rather than a vine. The deep purple foliage is definitely a show-stopper all summer and in the fall. In the spring, white, fragrant flowers will bloom, and these are great for cutting and putting in a vase. This perennial can reach more than 36 inches in a single season, so it is a great addition to add contrast to your garden.

Sedum – Maestro Stone Crop

This is an upright perennial that will bloom in the fall. It is extremely hardy and has leaves that will become a deeper purple color as the season progresses. This plant can even thrive in less than perfect soil.

Burnet – Little Angel

If you want to attract butterflies to your garden, then this plant is a must-have. It is a heavy soil loving perennial and it boasts attractive blooms and foliage. The variegated, low leaves will spread while the pretty raspberry plumes will show up in the late summer months.

Ornamental Onion – Millennium

This is the perfect clump forming perennial that offers stunning two-inch flowers that won’t reseed. While these are beautiful cut flowers, they can’t tolerate boggy soils.

If you have a lot of sun in your yard, then finding the best perennials will ensure that your yard is full of color. Keep in mind, not all perennials will work with all types of soil and conditions, so you may need to work with the professionals to ensure the right types of flowers are planted in your yard.

In fact, working with the professionals is a great idea, especially if you haven’t yet planned your landscape design. They can help to plan out where the perennials should go and ensure that everything has the right environment for superior growth potential. They can also provide other information about where to plant certain things in your yard.

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