8 Lawn Mowing Tips the Pros Use

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    Lawn mowing isn’t typically a landscaping task that sparks joy for the average homeowner. Most of the time, you just want to get it over with so the yard looks decent and you can get on with your day.

    But what if you were able to mow your lawn so it looked like a professional did it? While running the mower back and forth in the same pattern every time may “get the job done”, there are professional tips and tricks that will give you a lush, beautiful lawn that will make your neighbors jealous.

    Here are 8 lawn mowing tips you can start using today.

    1 – Alternating the Route

    It may seem easier to just take the same route over your grass each time you mow it, but that’s not how the pros do it. If you follow the same path with your mower every time, the lines you leave may grow back irregularly, which will damage the overall aesthetic. To remedy this, use a few different mowing routes that complement the shape and size of your yard. You may go lengthwise the first time, then widthwise and then on a diagonal.

    2 – Follow the One-Third Rule

    The one-third rule of lawn mowing states that you should never remove more than one-third of the grass blade at a time. Ideally, you want each blade of grass to be around 3-inches tall for a lush look and to encourage a deeper root system. This means you can’t allow the grass to grow too high if you are only to remove one-third and still be at that 3-inch level. You may have to mow more often, but your lawn will thank you for it. Just play around with the height adjustment on your mower until you have it as high as it needs to be.

    3 – Keep the Blades in Good Condition

    You can bet that professional landscapers always have sharp blades on their mowers. For a pristine and healthy lawn, sharp blades are a must. The goal is to maintain the sharpness and blade angle that came from the manufacturer. Some homeowners will go the DIY route and attempt to sharpen lawnmower blades themselves, but for the best results, it makes sense to have them sharpened professionally at the first sign that they have lost their edge.

    4 – Don’t Stick to a Rigid Schedule

    Grass doesn’t always grow exactly the same amount in exactly the same amount of time, week after week. There are various factors that can influence how much growth you get in a given time, and it’s a good idea to follow that growth instead of sticking to a rigid lawn mowing schedule. Just because you like to mow the lawn every Sunday afternoon doesn’t mean your grass is ready for a trim at that time. Mow it when it needs to be mowed to maintain the optimal length for the health of the lawn.

    5 – Leave Clippings on the Lawn

    Using a lawn bag attachment on your mower may look nice, but leaving the clippings on your lawn will return beneficial nutrients to the soil for a healthier lawn. The only issue with leaving clippings occurs if you take too much of the grass blade because it will leave piles of clippings that look terrible and smother the grass from future growth. But if you follow the one-third rule, your lawn should still look great and remain healthy.

    6 – Take Your Time

    It may seem as though professional landscapers get the job done quickly, but don’t mistake their efficiency for rushing. When you try to speed through your mowing, it’s easy to unintentionally miss spots that will result in an uneven lawn.

    7 – Mow a Dry Lawn

    When to mow your lawn can be a point of contention, even amongst experts, but mowing a dry lawn is something that’s agreed upon by all. Mowing a wet lawn won’t give you the even look you want and can result in clumping or a clogged mower. If you prefer to mow in the morning, wait until the dew has dried up, otherwise, the early evening is a good time when the heat of the day has begun to dissipate.

    8 – Stay Safe

    Safety is a big component of professional lawn mowing and it’s worth mentioning here, too. Tips, like wearing closed shoes, pushing the mower in a forward direction, protecting your eyes and going side to side on a slope, will help keep you safe so you’re ready to mow again next time.

    No one ever said having a great lawn didn’t require some hard work and planning. If you follow these lawn mowing tips, you’ll end up with a lawn that rivals a professional job and keeps your property in great shape all summer long.

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