5 Outdoor Kitchen Styles that Will Make Your House Stand Out

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    Having an outdoor kitchen has become a trendy part of modern homeownership and for good reason. A sleek, stylish outdoor kitchen extends your living space, gives you a place to entertain friends and family and adds value to your home. Just like your indoor kitchen, you’ll have to settle on a particular design for the outdoor kitchen, and there are many styles to choose from.

    Some of the factors to consider when choosing an outdoor kitchen include your budget, the size of the space you have to use, its location in your yard, how often you plan to use it, local building codes and your preferences for outdoor entertaining.

    The Basics

    Styles and designs may vary for an outdoor kitchen, but since it is a kitchen, each one should have a few staples that make it functional for food preparation and entertaining. This includes a food prep area of some sort, a little counter space, a space for garbage, ample seating, and maybe a refrigerator. Regardless of your style preferences, you should also have it set up so it is easy to move around and make multiple dishes at the same time, if needed.

    You’ll also need to decide on materials for the kitchen structure, countertops, floors and the roof of your outdoor kitchen if applicable. Many homeowners love brick or rough stone for walls or islands because it looks rustic, while others prefer polished stone or more modern materials for a sleek look. The design options are endless, which will allow you to personalize to your exact tastes.

    1 – The Deluxe Grilling Station

    Many of us envision barbecuing when we think of outdoor cooking, and having a deluxe outdoor grilling station as the focal point of your outdoor kitchen will allow you to do just that. There is a wide range of grills to choose from, but you will definitely want a large cooking surface with multiple extra burners for sauces and side dishes. The grill can stand-alone or you can have it built into an existing food prep area. The key is to have the grill as the main focus and then build around it.

    2 – Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    If you love the idea of making your own pizzas, having a wood-fired pizza oven as the main part of your outdoor kitchen will take your entertainment to the next level. For this type of kitchen, you’ll need a space for storing wood, which should be easily accessible. You’ll also need ample preparation space for pounding, spinning and stretching the dough while you get it ready for the oven.

    3 – Bar and Grill Combo

    Having a bar in your outdoor kitchen space just calls out for guests, and when you add a grill, you have the complete entertainment package. With the bar as the focus, you can choose from a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes and you’ll have a lot of creativity with the stools or chairs, too. Having a grill behind the bar or off to the side will allow you to make and serve drinks and grill your favorite foods at the same time.

    4 – Sports Entertainment Kitchen

    If you are a sports lover and enjoy having friends over to watch the big game, incorporating a big-screen TV into your outdoor kitchen plans makes a lot of sense. This kind of idea would go well with a bar and might work well with the bar and grill combo idea. You will need to consider seating for a sports-themed outdoor kitchen because your guests may not want to sit on bar stools for the entire game.

    5 – Cozy Lounge Area Kitchen

    Comfort and elegance are not traditionally associated with outdoor kitchen spaces, but you can achieve both if you include a luxurious outdoor fireplace or a firewall feature in your outdoor kitchen design. Whether you have a grill, pizza oven, or regular oven and stovetop as the cooking platform, incorporating a fireplace or a firewall will give your guests a stunning visual as they relax in comfort after a satisfying meal. Comfortable seating should also be part of this type of kitchen, as it is ideal for spending cool evenings talking and sharing stories.

    There’s no question that outdoor kitchens have come a long way since having a small, lonely barbecue placed on your deck with little else around it was the norm. Today, the sky’s the limit and you can incorporate elements of many different styles to find the outdoor kitchen that is perfect for your personality, needs and desires.

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