2020 Flower Planting Guide for a Beautiful Garden

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    To say that the first half of 2020 has been a little different than most people expected would be a monumental understatement. But even with a new reality for most, there’s no reason not to have a beautiful flower garden. Flowers brighten your mood and make your outdoor spaces come alive with personality, which is why sticking to your regular flower planting routine is a great idea. Here is a quick 2020 flower planting guide to make sure you have a beautiful garden this season.

    Create a Plan

    The first step is to create a plan to follow by sketching out the size, location and shape of your garden. You’ll need to know which parts get the sun each day and for how long to help determine what kinds of flowers will do the best, and understand your local growing season before you get started. Simply gravitating to your favorite types of flowers without considering the growing conditions is likely a recipe for disaster. This would be a good time to do some homework or get advice from your landscaping team or garden center so you’re headed in the right direction.

    Some general rules to follow include:

    • Planting in tiers, with taller plants in the back, medium in the middle and shorter ones in the front.
    • Not planting annuals too close together.
    • Remembering to weed, water and feed your garden throughout the entire growing season.

    Have a Solid Foundation

    A beautiful flower garden requires a strong, solid foundation, which you can provide by following some proven concepts. Since the majority of annuals need soil that is fertile and drains well, you will likely need to enrich your soil if you’re in Kansas City because of its high clay content. This tends to bind nutrients, which makes them unavailable for the flowers when they need them. It’s also a good idea to raise your seasonal color beds slightly so the roots of the flowers aren’t trying to fight through the clay.

    Keep Weeds and Pests Away

    Having a plan for weed and pest prevention is also essential if you’re going to have a beautiful flower garden that lasts throughout the growing season. It’s important to remove the weed competition so your flowers have a chance to bloom and grow as intended. And deterring pests like destructive insects or rabbits will ensure your flowers look vibrant and healthy and aren’t missing leaves or petals. Watering on a daily basis, removing dead heads, weeding and applying pest repellent need to be regular parts of the process to have the garden of your dreams.

    Choose the Right Flowers for KC Summers

    Once all the planning is complete, the physical garden space is ready and you have the necessary maintenance accessories, it’s time to choose your flowers. Every resident of Kansas City knows just how hot it gets in the summer, which is why you need to take the temperature into consideration. You’ll do best with long-blooming annuals and perennials that can handle the daytime heat and won’t wilt. Here are some popular choices that should provide you with an exciting garden in 2020.


    This perennial features daisy-like petals that come in orange, purple, pink and white with a tall seed head that resembles a cone. They do well in full sun with about an inch of water per week.


    Cosmos are annuals that are easy to grow from seed and don’t necessarily need pristine soil conditions to do well. You can start from seeds in the garden or transplant after the frost is over.


    Impatiens are flowers that do well in the shade, so if you have any areas that don’t get much sun, these would be a good choice. They are shorter flowers, so planting near the front of a bed makes sense.


    Orange and yellow marigolds can put a smile on anyone’s face. They come in various sizes and work well in full sunlight lining a pathway or a patio. You can also plant them in a bed or containers and it’s important to keep them watered until they are established.


    Daylilies are perennials that come in several sizes and colors. The golden Stella d’Oro is one popular example. These can be planted in full sun and can handle periods without being watered once they are established.


    This annual grows in bunches of little blossoms and comes in different shades of pink, purple, white and red. They work best as transplants and need plenty of water in the beginning.

    There are a plethora of possibilities for your 2020 flower planting that should leave you with a beautiful garden for the entirety of the growing season. If you’d like some professional attention, the team at High Prairie Landscape can help get your garden ready, choose the perfect flowers to plant and take care of your ongoing maintenance.

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