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Kansas City Outdoor Kitchens, Patios & Pergolas

Kansas City is an incredibly diverse area that has countless styles represented. Generally speaking, Kansas City is not only a city, but a greater metropolitan region that also has many small towns, suburbs, and unique areas.


Kansas City Outdoor Kitchens, Patios & Pergolas

Kansas City is an incredibly diverse area that has countless styles represented. Generally speaking, Kansas City is not only a city, but a greater metropolitan region that also has many small towns, suburbs, and unique areas. There is an expansive range of areas, including massive estates with streams and rural settings.

This makes KC the perfect place to have lead outdoor living space components installed or constructed. There are several things to consider, however, before jumping into a project, and we’re going to take a look at some of them right here.


Code Compliance Is Essential

Starting a new outdoor living space project for your Kansas City home can be incredibly exciting, but there are some significant concerns to take into account first. One of the biggest, and most often overlooked by eager homeowners, is the permitting and regulatory compliance stage. While not all projects are going to need permits or regulatory body approval, many wills, which means you will need to apply for, be approved, and receive your permit before any regulated work can take place.

Failing to get the needed permits or permission for the project can lead to some serious consequences. These start at complete work stoppages until the permits are acquired, as well as fines, but in more serious or flagrant cases can lead to the homeowner being required to remove the structure or work that’s in violation.

Consider Project Scope

The biggest factor that determines the need for a permit is the scope of the project. Generally speaking, any larger outdoor renovation or construction jobs in Kansas City will require a permit before being in compliance. Larger projects are things like roofing projects, large landscaping changes, hardscaping installations, and pergolas that are attached to the home. Bigger projects may face additional regulatory requirements, including ground permeability requirements to prevent flooding.

Your HOA May Have Limits

If you are part of an HOA or homeowners’ association, you may want to consult with them and check the guidelines for your neighborhood before starting anything. HOAs are known for having strict requirements, limits, and guidelines on what homeowners can do with the exteriors of their homes and surrounding areas. If they find you in violation mid-project, it can become an expensive issue to resolve.


Working With Experienced Professionals Can Make All The Difference

The best way to avoid any issues with permits or HOA rules is to ensure you’re working with an experienced, local, general contractor like High Prairie Outdoors. Not only can we handle your project from beginning through completion, but we even have in-house engineering and architectural divisions, so if your project needs an architect’s stamp or an engineer’s approval, we can handle it quickly and easily.


Kansas City Outdoor Kitchens, Patios & Pergolas

Kansas City homeowners are familiar with the gorgeous weather that we’re blessed with for most of the year, and that weather means we love to maximize our use of outdoor spaces. If you’ve been thinking of having new hardscaping or a patio installed, this can give you a much wider range of uses for your outdoor space, even in the winter. However, there are other components that can be added to the patio project that can expand its use even more.

By installing a gourmet outdoor kitchen, you can have a place to grill and prepare holiday feasts and everyday meals, all while being outside in the unbeatable weather. The final touch is an automatic-louvered pergola that gives shade, and rain shelter, and even has the ability to become a true all-season extension of your home into your outdoor space.


Kansas City Organic Lawn Servicing Program

Kansas City homes and estates are known for having some of the most beautiful lawns and landscaping displays, but keeping those lawns and landscaped areas looking their best doesn’t happen by accident, it takes dedication and scheduled feeding treatments. Our organic lawn servicing program creates a customized feeding schedule for your lawn or landscaping, using only premium organic agents, not dangerous synthetic chemicals. This keeps your property looking amazing all year round while keeping your family safe from many dangerous fertilizers.


Custom Stainless Steel & Gunite Pools Near Kansas City

Having a pool installed has long been seen as the definitive symbol of homeowner luxury and leisure, and with materials like gunite and stainless steel available, those pools can be customized to create a truly individual look for your hardscaping. Not only are these two materials incredibly durable and resistant to long-term exposure to pool chemicals, but they are also easy to work with and highly versatile, meaning your dream custom pool is closer to reality than ever before. Designing a pool can be a lengthy and complex process with many regulatory hurdles, however, so make sure you partner with the leader in luxury custom pools for Kansas City homes, High Prairie Outdoors.

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