Justin Taddiken Kansas City

Justin Taddiken – Landscape Designer

Justin is from Salina, Kansas and a graduate of the Horticulture Program at Kansas State University. Justin has been in the field of landscaping since he was 16 years old. His broad experience in maintenance, landscape construction, and design make him a valuable resource for clients.

When asked why he loves design, Justin says:

“The drive behind my passion for design is to see the transformation at the end of a job and the joy it brings to those who will go home to it every day”.

Justin’s passion for the industry and helping people is unparalleled. Justin first met Robyn Schmitz in 2016. Here’s the story as Justin tells it:

“I first met Robyn Schmitz at the National Association of Landscape Professionals conference in Louisville, Kentucky in 2016. I got to spend an evening getting to know her and a few others from High Prairie Outdoors. Being from Kansas as well, I was certainly interested in the company. At that time, I was motivated to take my education and field knowledge to LA or NYC. A couple years later, I had a change of heart and reached out to Robyn for a career in Kansas City.”

Robyn said to me, “You drove 14 hours alone to make it to the National Association of Landscape Professionals Conference and slept on a hotel room floor just to be there to further your education and network. Somebody with that passion belongs at High Prairie.”

Justin continues: “This was a statement she made during my interview 2 years after meeting her. She remembered me clearly. It was at that moment I knew where my next step in my career would take me. It would be High Prairie Outdoors.”