Bret Schmitz Kansas City

Bret Schmitz – Owner/CFO

Bret is a graduate of Kansas State University with an accounting degree. Bret is also a legal C.P.A. He grew up in Baileyville, Kansas. and has eight older brothers. Prior to completing college, Bret played football at Butler County Community College where they competed for their divisional National Championship. Bret handles all of the accounting for High Prairie Outdoors and is also a large part of the Landscape Production team. Bret can often be found behind the scenes helping get everyone prepared for the day.

Bret’s landscaping career started while at K-State as he worked to help pay for college. Bret worked on an installation crew at the same company Robyn worked for. Bret’s unique combination of experience between accounting and construction makes him a valuable part of the team. Prior to 2016, Bret worked full-time doing financial analysis and accounting for some of the largest financial portfolios in the city. During that time, Bret spent his evenings doing the all-important accounting tasks for the High Prairie Team. In January of 2016, Bret joined the team full-time and has been a huge asset.