Support Your Clients by Collaborating
with High Prairie Outdoors

High Prairie Outdoors is a local landscaping company specializing in the Experience-Driven Lifestyle, an approach to designing, crafting, and nourishing outdoor spaces  that support our clients in making lasting memories with their loved ones. With designs rooted in the five historical design styles and a proprietary process based on European hardscaping principles, we’re committed to timeless design and lasting beauty.

Our in-house team of High Prairie Pros takes care of everything outdoors, all year long. Degreed designers, certified craftspeople, licensed general contractors, experienced horticulturists, and Lean Six Sigma-trained project managers are career-minded professionals who have all passed background checks and are committed to creating and maintaining exceptional outdoor spaces. We back our work with extensive warranties as part of our Peace of Mind Promise. Our Lawncierge service takes a proactive approach to post-project support and ongoing landscape maintenance. We take property scores to give our clients a measurable way to track our progress and results, and each program is customized based on the client’s unique landscape and lifestyle goals.

The best businesses in Kansas City work together to delight collective clients. We’re big believers in mutually beneficial relationships of like-minded, higher-standard operating businesses and experts. We’re actively building collaborative relationships with fellow area professionals, including interior designers, architects, real estate agents, and others who value elevated design, business transparency, high standards,  and long-term relationships where people matter. We seek to create partnerships that are beneficial for you as a business owner as well as for your clients. We appreciate your introductions, and we’re committed to taking good care of your clients and their outdoor spaces as we help them create their own Experience-Driven Lifestyle.

Why Partner With High Prairie Outdoors

We’re creating a network of talented Kansas City professionals who support each other and seek the best solutions and simplified, integrated experiences for our clients.

• Your peace of mind in knowing High Prairie Outdoors is going to do a great job for your clients when you introduce us. Your clients will experience a unique journey through design and construction unlike any other experience.

• Exclusive happy hours and other events, where we can network with our partners, discuss our industries, build relationships, and make introductions. This helps us all stay on top of trends, local buzz, and industry best practices as we seek to provide the best possible service for our clients—and it’s always fun to get together with like-minded professionals.

• Donations in your name to the non-profit organizations of your choice as an expression of our gratitude and an opportunity to support the community at large when you make an introduction to a client who chooses High Prairie.

We value our High Prairie Partnerships, and we’re excited to create more opportunities for all of us as this program continues to grow.

How We Nurture Our Introductions

High Prairie Outdoors is committed to success. Our nationally acclaimed team, award-winning designs, and extensive industry certifications and affiliations are evidence of this commitment. We complete 95% of our projects in-house. As licensed general contractors, we can bring in plumbers and electricians as required for complex landscaping projects, which means your clients can work with one dedicated project manager and won’t have to juggle multiple contractors. Our expertise includes:

• Paver patios
• Automated pergolas
• Outdoor kitchens
• Privacy panels and retractable screens
• Parcel storage
• Water features
• Fire features
• Outdoor sound systems
• Landscape lighting and holiday lighting
• Seasonal plantings
• Drainage and irrigation
• Plant health care
• Tree pruning
• Lawn care and mowing
• Garden maintenance
• Weed control
• Seasonal cleanup
• Snow removal
• Decks
• Fencing
• Pool and spa design, installation, and maintenance
• Sod installation
• Driveway repair and resurfacing
• And so much more

We start every project with a consultation call to ensure we’re the right fit for the client. If so, we proceed with a Discovery Meeting and Site Analysis, where we learn more about how the client relaxes, connects, and has fun—the Three Pillars of Memory-Making. We reverse-engineer the design and build process based on this information to ensure the client gets an outdoor environment perfectly suited for the experiences they want to have. With Designer Soil, our Legacy Method of construction, and an industry-leading post-project support program, High Prairie landscapes, pools, and outdoor living spaces are built to last.

By introducing us to your clients, you can…

…help your clients save time because they won’t have to wade through the many Kansas City landscaping services providers or juggle multiple contractors to find their ideal fit.

…direct your clients toward a landscaping team with a proven record of creating customized solutions and enduring outdoor spaces.

…feel confident in your recommendation because you understand the high level of work and service we provide.

…give your clients the confidence to proceed with the outdoor renovation they’re dreaming of.

…know your clients’ projects will be completed correctly, safely, and efficiently under our care.

…build trust between you and your clients, opening the door for additional introductions and relationships.

We understand and deeply appreciate the trust you place in us when you make an introduction, and we take it seriously. Your clients are in good hands because we won’t settle for anything less than exceptional landscaping results.

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If you’re lucky enough to snag a spot on High Prairie’s schedule, jump on it! We did extensive research before choosing High Prairie and their performance matches their impeccable reputation. We had hired a “cheaper” option to build a landscape and patio for us and were left disappointed with poor quality and even poorer customer service. High Prairie was chosen to re-design and build a new space that surpasses what we had hoped for. They’ve given us faith in contractors again! Don’t go cheap like we did and have to fix it, hire quality the first time. It’s more affordable in the long run! We wish we had found High Prairie sooner.