Winter Landscaping Tips to Set You Up for Next Spring

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Winter may not seem like the time to landscape, but you would be surprised at how much you can get done during these colder months. The winter season is the best time to prepare for spring because professional landscaping companies are not as bogged down as they are during the spring and summer seasons. Keep reading for our winter landscaping tips to get you ready for spring.

Aside from the time allotment provided during the winter months, there is also the fact that winter is one of the harshest seasons on your home and property. For this reason, your lawn and gardens might need some serious TLC before they are ready for spring.

At High Prairie Outdoors, we serve clients across Kansas City, providing maintenance, upgrades, and installations to outdoor living spaces. Here, we will share some of our best winter landscaping tips for spring cleaning your property.

Cover and Protect

While some of the plants in your yard will die away during winter and need to be replanted or rejuvenated come spring, there are a few which require protection from the elements. Lay a layer of mulch in the late fall to protect and insulate roots and new perennials.

Similarly, you should cover, and store lawn furnishings and outdoor living elements so they are looking fresh and ready to go in the spring. Some items like lawn chairs, cushions, and canopies should be tucked away in the shed or garage until the snow melts..

Clear the Debris

While winters here are milder than most, this season sometimes brings harsh weather. Living in a prairie state like Kansas, the wind has further to go without breaking, blowing in plenty of tree branches, fallen leaves, garbage and debris from the streets and neighbor’s yards. On top of these windy deliveries, your yard receives snow and ice. This makes for some surprising moments when the spring thaw hits, and you find that your once manicured lawn isn’t looking so fresh.

Clearing the debris leftover from winter is the first step in creating a springtime look for your property. As the snow and ice clears, choose a mild day to sort through your yard, piling branches, and collecting other debris, until things look clear and ready for planting.

Have the Greenhouse Ready to Go

It may be too cool to plant your favorite greenery in the garden, but you can cultivate a lovely assortment of flowers, shrubs, and trees in your greenhouse throughout the colder months. A greenhouse is a great investment if you love to garden year-round and want to have the chance to putter in your garden come rain or shine.

Not only does a greenhouse give you the chance to hang out with your plants in a warm cozy space during the winter, but it also lets you prep your plants for spring planting. Selecting your spring garden is easy when you have a safe place to nurse saplings to live.

Alternatively, you can work with your landscaping team to ensure they have a greenhouse full of your favorites ready to go at the first thaw.

Get the Big Projects Started Early

Before spring blooms you should take advantage of the slow season for landscapers and bring in your contractor to begin work on any of the larger projects you want to start. Large installations take time and often keep you from fully enjoying your outdoor living space until complete. By beginning in winter, you give yourself a head start and shorten wait times, so you can enjoy your new outdoor kitchen and hot tub combo as soon as the weather allows.

Getting big projects done during the winter is also beneficial because landscaping companies have more staff to send in to get the job done. This ensures your project stays on budget and schedule.

Contact the Professionals

High Prairie Outdoors is a leader in outdoor maintenance and landscaping here in Kansas. We strive to provide our clients with high-quality outdoor living you can be proud of.

If your landscaping and outdoor living space are a priority to you, we can help you care for them during the winter season so they can be enjoyed in the spring. For more information on winter landscaping tips, winter lawn care, or to view our variety of landscaping services, we invite you to contact High Prairie Outdoors at 1 (816) 398-2901.

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