What are the Pros & Cons of Paver Patios?

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There are multiple options for homeowners that are looking to upgrade their home’s exterior, and with one of the more popular options being paver patios, many homeowners are curious about the pros & cons of paver patios. Paver patios are known for being incredibly strong, but are there other benefits beyond just the strength of the patio?

Not only are there more benefits, but there are also some potential drawbacks as well. We’re going to dive into paver patios and look more closely at the pros and cons that the average homeowner may want to consider before committing to having one installed.

What Are Paver Patios?

A paver patio is one that is constructed with a durable foundation, then topped with a paver surface. Pavers can be anything from bricks to other forms of concrete paving material. While manmade, they can be made to resemble a variety of different materials, from natural stone to modern slabs.

Pros & Cons Of Paver Patios


Highly Durable

Paver patios are one of the strongest and most durable patio options available to most homeowners. In many cases, paver patios can even wrap around the home and provide parking or driving areas without sustaining damage. Applications like these should only be undertaken by experienced professionals to ensure a lasting result.

Paver driveways are considered the ultimate luxury in driveway materials thanks to the custom look, longest durability, and customization options.

High Level Of Customization

There are hundreds of color and texture options available for homeowners that choose paver patios. Some of these options are even tolerant of winter salting, which standard concrete and similar materials often aren’t.

Designer details are also very customizable within the body of the paver patio. This includes contrasting bands of color, circular inlays, textural differences, and areas that act as focal points or gathering spaces. The chances to customize the space with paver patios are nearly endless.

Easily Repaired

If repairs are ever needed on a paver patio, it is entirely possible for a technician to come out and handle the repair. They will come out, lift or remove just the area where the repair is needed, and make the necessary repairs. Once the repairs are completed, the same pavers can be put back in place for a seamless repair.


Larger Initial Investment

One of the cons frequently cited is that paver patios often have a more significant initial investment needed. This may be a pro to other homeowners, however, who would see the larger initial investment as worth the decreased maintenance and repair costs in following years.

The Jointing Material Needs Maintenance

The patio will need maintenance, just like anything else, and periodically the sand or jointing material will need to be maintained. This should be done to avoid displacement of the pavers and to maintain a solid surface.

Installation Needs To Be Done By Experts

Since paver patios tend to be more complicated and difficult to install, they require contractors with higher levels of experience. If you are considering having a paver patio installed, be sure you are working with a trusted, local expert to install and maintain that patio. When constructed correctly, paver patios are the longest lasting patio option.

Pros & Cons of Paver Patios: Trust Your Paver Patio To Local Experts

Making the choice to install a new patio is not a small one, and it will have a major influence on your exterior leisure for years to come. If you have any questions about your patio options or want to know more about the pros & cons of paver patios, reach out today and speak to an expert member of our local installation team to get all the information you need, and schedule your consultation when the time is right.

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