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A garden vignette is an intimate spot in the garden that provides a focal point or scene. In most cases, the purpose of your vignette will be dependent on where it is located, the view and the level of privacy you prefer.

Some tips that will help you begin creating your own garden vignette can be found here. These offer powerful ways to create separation in your garden, adding to the charm it offers.

Use Containers

Containers offer a wonderful transition between a patio and your flower bed or between a gravel drive and your patio. They can help to soften the middle ground present. When creating your container vignette, be sure to keep the rule of heights in mind – tall, medium, low. Doing so will help you create the division desired.

Use a Unified Color Scheme

The vignette in your garden is supposed to be interesting and help you create a space you love to spend time in. As a result, don’t make anything “off-limits.” Also, make sure to use a unifying color scheme. Using only a few different colors, or even just one, in your flower scheme will help to pull everything together and make the vignette even more aesthetically appealing.

What to Use in Your Own Vignette

Use things you enjoy in your vignette. It could be an old bench, a stone, a piece of statuary, anything that brings you joy. Once you pick what you’d like your focal point to be, frame it with layers of foliage, plants, containers, and color. That could be a bench flanked with pots full of flowers, or a piece of statuary given a nice back-drop with a hedge so that statuary shows. Maybe the views are your vignette and you just need a “frame” for your existing views.

There are no hard-and-fast rules about what you need to create a vignette – let creativity be your guide.

Benefits of a Garden Vignette

By creating a garden vignette in your outdoor space, you are creating a secluded “hideaway” of sorts. It allows you to have an interesting and unique feature in your garden that helps you enjoy the space more than ever before.

If you need help creating your garden vignette, be sure to reach out to the professionals. They can help ensure you get the desired results from your “small space,” and that you are able to enjoy your garden to its full potential.

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