The Main Elements of a European Style Landscape

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If you have ever visited Europe, chances are you have fond memories of the cobblestone streets, lush gardens and quaint outdoor cafes. After all, the European culture embraces the warm seasons of the year by taking many things outside – including socializing and eating. The unique garden designs found in this country reflect this well.

Are you ready to bring the same European aesthetic into your Kansas City landscape design? If so, you need to learn about the main elements that make up a European style landscape. Here, you will find some of the main, European elements you need to include to create the style of garden you really want. This will help ensure you get the look and ambiance you desire.

The Plants

The majority of European countries experience climates that support lush, green gardens in the spring and summer, featuring beautiful greenery and “showy” flowers. In fact, these elements are featured greatly in the typical European garden.

Even though Kansas City does experience some dry conditions from time to time, you can achieve the same lush look by selecting plants that grow well in Kansas City and by adding various container arrangements throughout the outdoor space.

Water Features

You will find fountains in residential gardens and patios, as well as in village squares throughout the European continent. Both big and small fountains, as well as other water features bring a unique old-world charm to your European style landscape. In addition to using traditional fountains, you can find more unique ways to implement these features, too. Nothing compares to the sound and movement of flowing water within your garden. The calming effect is instant and effective.

Slopes and Terraces

In many situations, European gardens are built on a slope. You can create a garden design that will enhance and protect the slopes in your yard, all while providing the European aesthetic to your property. Consider adding stone walls to create terraces of usable space.

Creating Your Own European Patio

There’s no question that something that’s quintessentially European is Alfresco dining. European patios are all about craftsmanship, gathering places, timelessness, and pockets of intimate spaces.

If you are creating your own European style patio and outdoor area, then you need to make sure you implement the features listed here. These are what define the European style that has become so popular over the years. At High Prairie Outdoors, we build European style patios using our proprietary construction process called “The Legacy Method”. The end result provides consumers with the ultimate in craftsmanship and style so that their spaces are enjoyed for decades with their friends and family.

For those who are unsure how to do this on their own, they can enlist the help of the professionals. A professional landscape service can create a custom design and plan for your space that embodies the European look and feel. They will also help ensure that the desired creation is well-within your budget, while creating what you want.

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