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We wouldn’t be where we are today without the exceptional time, talent, and skill of our team. Each week, we’ll be highlighting a team member, which offers a peek into our culture.

Meet: Paula Jackle

Family: Dillen Jackle – husband Jase Jackle – Son

Who Inspires You?

I have several people in my life who inspire me in different ways. (I believe you can learn valuable lessons from ANYONE and EVERYONE.) But, more specifically, I find that I look to my sister for inspiration, encouragement, and mentoring. We share the same beliefs, faith, and outlook on life. We also happen to have VERY similar personalities. With her being 11 years older than I am, I feel like she can often prepare me for situations that I’ll soon be going through myself.

Why Do You Like Landscaping?

I love the beauty of nature’s elements and thus the opportunity to create and maintain spaces that imitate what God has created. I also love developing relationships with clients and providing solutions for their landscape challenges. Before having an indoor position, I really loved the physical nature of the work.

What Would You Like to Do on the Weekend?

Explore Kansas City with family – shopping, outdoor events, dog park, pumpkin patches in the Fall.

What is your favorite Restaurant?


What is your favorite Color?


What is your Favorite Candy Bar?


What is the Best Thing About Working at High Prairie Outdoors?

I can’t list just one. I love the culture we have and the friends I’ve made throughout my employment. Our team really cares for each other and cares for the direction High Prairie is going. None of us want to be the average landscape company. We’d rather make waves. I love that we have owners who work really hard to find solutions to the seasonal challenges our industry presents. (Such as minimal laying off and a balance of work/personal). I’m thankful for the above average pay all employees receive and the unexpected breaks we get for the Winter Holidays & months.

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