Solve Kansas City Drainage Problems with Permeable Pavers

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In many areas of the country, permeable pavers are becoming the preferred hard surface for parking lots, drive ways, patios, and walks.

This is due largely to the capability of permeable paver systems to manage water run-off and absorb that water. The absorbed water can either be recycled by being stored in a cistern with filtration system for irrigation or livestock watering.

The water can also be drained naturally into the ground to percolate down to the water table.

Who Benefits from Permeable Pavers?

Permeable pavement installation benefit anyone with the following condition:

  • A persistently wet area that could benefit from the addition of a patio with a Kansas City drainage system below
  • An area where water stands after a rain on a current drive, patio, or parking lot
  • An area where substantial water is directed into the city drain outlets instead of percolating into the ground water.
  • An application where the end consumer could benefit from saving the water to re-use for irrigation or livestock (After filtering).

What Does a Permeable Paver Project Look Like?

Patios and other hardscapes built out of permeable pavers look almost identical to a regular paver patio. The exception is the jointing material, which is a small, clean rock instead of sand. They’re both beautiful and functional.

How to Maintain a Permeable Patio

Permeable Patios and Drives are fairly simple to maintain. Every few years, to keep the drainage effective, a professional will suction out the clean gravel in the paver joints and replace with new, clean gravel. Besides that, a yearly cleaning of the pavers will keep things looking new.

How to Get a Permeable Patio or Drive

Contact a professional with experience and education in building permeable hardscapes. The process is different than regular patios, so it’s important to hire someone who knows what they’re doing. At High Prairie Outdoors, we’ll start with a consultation to see if permeable patios are a good fit for you. Then, we’ll discuss your design and if you decided to proceed, will start the design and bidding process. Since we charge for our designs, you’ll be ensured we spend adequate time take site survey grades, measuring the site, and designing for optimum performance and style.

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