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With the approach of the warm green days of spring, homeowners across Kansas City are gearing up to transition outdoor spaces from Winter to Spring. At High Prairie Outdoors, we work with clients across the city year-round to develop and maintain outdoor spaces you can use in any season. In this way, we are well versed in the necessities of seasonal change and transitioning landscape.

For those interested in prepping your garden and outdoor living area for the Spring season ahead, here are a few tips to get you started.

Start Spring Cleaning a Little Early

Spring is often associated with cleaning and renewal. In terms of gardening, we always recommend getting a head start on Spring cleaning to ensure your outdoor space is ready for all the changes to come. Some ways to begin your Spring-cleaning routine include:

  • Wiping down lawn furniture.
  • Washing soft cushions, rugs, and blankets for an outdoor seating area.
  • Collecting fallen debris from around the yard.
  • Check decking and stairs for loose boards, stripped wood, or chipped paint.
  • Clean gutters at the first thaw.
  • Purchase fertilizer, soil, and mulch.
  • Rake through soiled garden plots to remove pinecones, grass, weeds, and twigs.

With this process started, you will find the rest of your transition much smoother from the Winter to Spring season.

Edge Gardens and Paths

From Fall to Winter, you may notice that garden edging and pathways have become overgrown and a bit lopsided. Once the ground becomes soft enough to move, you should re-edge these areas in preparation for planting. Cut around gardens to develop even smooth lines which draw the eye.

If you line walks or gardens with stones, you may need to rearrange these objects. You may also find that garden liner stones have become dirty over time. Collecting the stones in a wheelbarrow and pressure washing them before replacing them will make them look shiny and new again.

Prune Your Shrubs and Trees

Pruning may happen throughout the Spring and Summer season, but there are some species that should be pruned prior to their growing season. Consult with your landscaper or local garden center to determine which plants require early pruning.

In most cases, your trees and shrubs will need a little help in the reshaping department. You should also remove any twigs or brush which has become unhealthy or dead.

As Spring Begins

As Winter finally ebbs into the Spring, there are a few things you will want to do quickly. These tasks include:

  • Fertilizer: You should wait until the Winter freeze has completely dissipated as frozen fertilizer will be of little help to your soil.
  • Mulch: Fresh mulch should also be added at the beginning of the Spring to give it time to settle and ward off any insects that might be considering your garden as a future home.
  • Painting: If there are fence boards or decking which require a fresh coat of paint, early Spring is a great time to get this out of the way. Choose a warm day with plenty of sun so the paint dries thoroughly.
  • Create a planting schedule: Different plants need to be soiled at different times. Many plants need to get in the ground by Spring’s beginning to ensure they bloom before Summer’s end. Your landscaper can help you select the right plants for each season and transitioning landscape.
  • Large projects: Finally, if you are considering any big projects for your garden, early Spring is the time to begin. You will likely want these projects completed for Summer, so you can enjoy them during garden parties and strolls through your landscaping. Work with a contractor or landscaper in the late Winter season to begin plans for these builds.

If you are considering working with a professional landscaping team for your garden this Spring season, it is best to book early. Many landscapers receive a boom of interest as Spring begins for transitioning landscape. Calling to schedule appointments before the end of Winter guarantees your position in their list of Spring clients.

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