Landscaping Myth: If Something Is Good for Your Plants, Adding More Will Be Better

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There are plenty of myths in landscaping and gardening and as a leading Kansas landscaper, we at High Prairie Outdoors have heard them all. Thinking that if something benefits your plants, more will be better is a harmful school of thought. Here, we will debunk this myth by talking about specific instances where too much of a “good thing” can harm your plants, and what you can do to help your plants thrive.

Too Much Fertilizer Leads to Stress

Many home gardeners think of fertilizer as a solver of all plant problems. Wilting? Add fertilizer. Is grass not growing thick enough? Add fertilizer. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. In fact, if you over-fertilize your plants it could lead to unnecessary stress and burn. There is a level at which your plants cannot process the nutrients you are offering. Instead, you simply weigh down the soil and prevent your plants from properly growing.

When you purchase fertilizer, read the bag to determine what square footage of outdoor property it should be used for. You can then determine how much fertilizer to use in each area of your lawn or garden. Similarly, it is important to note that fertilization only needs to happen once or twice a year max. Most people fertilize in the summer season while the ground is warm, and are thriving.

Too Much Water Drowns Your Plants

It sounds absurd because we learn as gardeners that you need to water, water, water. However, there comes a time when enough is enough. If you cross that line, there is a chance that your plants could become overwatered. Overwatered plants, for lack of a better term, drown. Like most living things, your plant’s roots require oxygen to breathe and thrive. When they cannot get air out of the pockets in their soil, due to waterlogging, they begin to suffocate and drown.

It is important to water your plants, especially your outdoors, on a schedule. Your garden and lawn are more susceptible to overwatering during the cool months of early-Spring. In the Summer, you are less likely to overwater as the sun is constantly drying the earth.

Too Many Plants in One Area Leads to Overcrowding

As you plot your dream garden, you will likely think about things like color schemes and patterns, but you may forget about spacing. Plants, like people, need a little room to breathe. While we may want our gardens to look bountiful, it is crucial to give plants the space they need to grow and flourish. The main issue with crowding is that what we see on the surface does not always reflect what goes on beneath the soil. On top, you may have evenly spaced Tulips, but below the earth, the roots are becoming intertwined and strangling each other. This overabundance of roots also means plants may not receive enough water as they compete to nourish themselves. In gardens too overgrown or crowded with plants of varying breeds and sizes, you also run the risk of depriving some of your blooms of the sunlight they so desperately need.

Fortunately, your landscaper can help you plot your plants at exactly the right distance based on their individual needs. Working together, High Prairie Outdoors can give your gardening dreams real legs to stand on and ensure that everything you have envisioned will work in your garden and not just on paper.

Too Much Sunlight Will Burn Some Plants

We all took elementary school science class and learned about the process of photosynthesis, wherein plants make their own food from water and minerals in the ground combined with carbon dioxide and sunlight in the air. So, of course, plants need sunshine to thrive. However, not all plants need the same amount of sunlight, and in some cases, too much sunlight could be a killer.

As you select plants for certain garden plots it is crucial to pay close attention to the amount of sunlight each plant needs. For example, Zinnia’s love full sun, but Bluebells need partial shade, and plants like the Miniature Mat Daisy need full shade.

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