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Have you noticed a tree lately? Chances are you have! They are big, full of color and add texture, scale and form to any landscape. However, if you aren’t sure what type of trees are right for your landscape, you’re in luck. Here you can find some of the timeless classics, as well as some less-known, show stopping options.

If you are ready to get started, then just keep reading. The information here will help you find the best tress for your landscape.

Beech “Red Obelisk”

The Red Obelisk beech tree is an ornamental, upright tree that is really good at turning heads. It features distinct red and purple leaves from spring until fall. This tree matures at a height of 10 to 13 feet tall, and it will reach up to three feet wide. If you opt to plant this tree, make sure you provide protection from drying winds in the heat of the summer.

Japanese Tree Lilac “Ivory Silk”

The Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac is an excellent ornamental that features a small statute. It will reach about 20 feet tall and 20 feet wide. The white, creamy blooms appear in the latter part of May and early June, and they are delightfully fragrant. An added bonus of this tree is that when it is blooming it will attract both humming birds and butterflies. Plant the tree in full sun for best results.

Maple Paperbark

With an oval round crown, this tree’s support comes from the trunks. These can become somewhat distinctive as the tree gets older. The peeling part will reveal a cinnamon colored bark, with excellent texture. In the fall, the green leaves will turn a vivid, stunning red color. Thanks to the smaller stature of the tree, it will work well in any landscape. Mature the tree will reach 25 feet tall and 15 feet wide.

Maple Autumn Splendor (Caddo)

If you are looking for stunning fall colors, then the Autumn Splendor is a must have tree. Not only is the tree beautiful, it is also extremely durable. This tree was created from an isolated strain of the sugar maple that is found in Caddo County, Oklahoma. This tree has thicker leaves that won’t tatter in the winds, is extremely disease resistant and resistant to heat and drought. Some experts say that this is one of the toughest of all maples, providing quality shade due to its 45-foot stature.

Parrotia “Vanessa”

This is an upright, columnar tree that lasts over several seasons. The leaves will initially emerge in spring with green and burgundy edges and then turn a soft green. By late August, the leaves will transform into a cacophony of gold, orange, crimson and bronze. During the winter months, the architectural, irregular branching with tan and grey bark offers interest. In late winter, Vanessa Parrotia will produce small red flowers, before the leaves begin to emerge.

If you are looking for the perfect tree to add to your landscape, then you will quickly discover that any of these are appealing. If you want more advice and recommendations, make sure to get in touch with the professionals.

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