5 Benefits of a Landscaped Property

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The home you live in and the property it sits on says a lot about you and your taste. As a leading landscaper here in Kansas, High Prairie Outdoors gets plenty of requests to create a beautifully landscaped property. So, what’s the reason so many in Kansas are seeking more aesthetically pleasing lawns and gardens? Here, we will discuss landscaping and all the advantages it allows for home and business owners across the city.

Here are the top 5 benefits to a beautifully landscaped property in Kansas City.

1. Greater Curb Appeal

A major reason to landscape your property is the value it brings to your home. Whether you are looking to sell, or just want to be proud of the home you live in – landscaping your yard can improve overall value by about 15%. Not to mention, it adds curb appeal. What’s the difference between value and curb appeal? When you sell a home, the curb appeal is what attracts a buyer to come look or inquire about the price. It draws in potential home buyers because the house or property looks lovely and well cared for. In contrast, value is the actual price you place on your house when it goes on the market. Renovations, including large outdoor renovations like a new deck, garden path, or water feature go a long way to improving the value of your property.

2. An Outdoor Space to Call Your Own

Perhaps the greatest benefit to having a beautifully landscaped property is that you get to create a space you love being in. Many Kansas homeowners find themselves spending all of their time indoors or visiting other locations to get fresh air and a glimpse of nature. When your outdoor space is tailored to your interests and taste, you have everything you need at home. From bird watching to berry picking, you can make your outdoor living area exactly the kind of place you want to be.

Many of our clients choose to outfit their outdoor spaces with seating areas, hammocks, benches, pools, hot tubs and even entire outdoor kitchen areas.

3. Fewer Safety Risks

A beautifully manicured lawn is lovely to look at, but it’s also clean, tidy, and safe. Homes with well-tended yards and gardens tend not to have branches and other debris lying around. There are rare bits of garbage or even leaf piles left to trip over. This makes for a much nicer stroll across the lawn, through your garden path, or anywhere else your outdoor space takes you. Having professional landscapers beautify your outdoor space also means that large projects and water features are regularly inspected. You rarely see crumbing retainer walls, leaky koi ponds, or cracking patios on a home with a well-maintained lawn.

4. An Outdoor Entertaining Area

The only thing better than having a beautiful outdoor kitchen feature and perfectly manicured lawn is having friends to share it with. A landscaped property gives you all the more reason to be the hostess with the mostest. From garden parties to the 4th of July celebrations and beyond. Your outdoor living space will be the place to be for all the best family gatherings and friendly dinners.

At High Prairie Outdoors, we offer the finest in outdoor living features, including firepits, brick pizza ovens, full kitchens, and more. Our team of experienced designers, contractors, and landscapers can bring your dream for an outdoor entertaining space to life.

5. An Aesthetic Element in Your Neighborhood

Not only does your beautifully landscaped property improve the value of your home, but also the appeal of your neighborhood. Many home buyers seek out the Kansas towns they are interested to see how friendly, safe and clean they are. When they drive through your neighborhood and see how beautiful your property looks. It adds value to your entire street, making it a more sought-after region to plant roots and raise a family.

No matter how things made up people love beautiful things. Your lawn and garden are exactly the sort of thing to attract more garden lovers to your neighborhood.

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